Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Filofax Finsbury in Antique Rose: Pocket

My Finsbury Family is almost complete!

I was beyond words ecstatic when the hubby gave the I won't hold it against you, as I know you have an addiction/ passion for planners look of approval... you know that one right? 

My Birthday is 3 days after Christmas, I may have mentioned that once or twice on here ;) For those two very special occasions, I have asked the hubby to get me the two remaining sizes in my 'other family' and by get me, I of course mean: let me hunt them down and buy them please!

Who doesn't love early presents?!

I extremely lucky to get the very last Pocket available on the only website I came across that still stoked the Antique Rose collection (as it's another of Filofaxes discontinued line) After just 2 days 'she' arrived and without further a-due...

The colour is a little more 'intense' than that of the personal, in darker lights it seems the Pocket is significantly different in colour. All in all, it's a beautiful planner. 

Hopefully you can get an idea of the size difference between the Personal & Pocket.

There's no laying flat for this Pocket, but after watching a few YouTube reviews I was well prepared and accepting of this :)

WO2P layout

Another example of how small the Pocket is :)

And then there was 3 :)

As for the Mini... well that's for another post ;) stay tuned 

Until Next Time,

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  1. Hi:) are you thinking of selling any finsbury in antique rose?:) thank you!



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