Monday, November 4, 2013

Home Office Desk Tour!

I just want to start this post with a tremendously loud HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!!! To my beautiful son Jett xoxox

We are currently still on holiday/ honeymoon time, but I wanted to share with you all a tour of my desk space. This is where it all happens! Infact, I'm sitting at that pink chair below, right now, typing this *mind blown ;) *

My desk was calling out for more organisation, so feeling rather inspired by a few Pinterest Images and YouTube videos, I set out to make over my desk.

I didn't think to take before photos, but if you can imagine a lot of items that didn't belong on my desk, placed all over my desk.. than that's just how it looked :)

I love owls, so I keep just a few around the two smaller owls are actually salt and pepper shakers ;) I also have a fondness for Filofaxes (incase you didn't already know) and keep them all at my reach.

My Domo cup is from a Domo show bag that my Husband (no more hubby to be!) brought back from the EB Expo he went to this year, I am a bit in love with Domo and he houses my iced coffee's etc when I'm hard at work blogging, emailing etc while the kids are napping.  

I bought all of these purple boxes from Kmart for quite cheap, they house all of my Filofax goodies that I use for decorating. I have a post on this, so be sure to keep your eye out. 

In my top left drawer, I house a few different items. I have put blue tack on the bottom of both white containers to stop them from moving about when I open the drawer. 

I also keep some of my sewing fabrics in a drawer, mainly to keep away from the little but very grabby fingers of my soon to be 1 year  old. 

I LOVE neat stationery!! I keep all of my pens, highlighters and misc. items neatly sorted in drawers that I have also blue tacked to the drawer to avoid them moving about. 

I also store my zippers in lunch bags, assorted by colour and neatly placed in the bottom drawer of my desk. Again this works great as they're away from grabby little fingers, but also neatly away and not looking super messy somewhere else. 

Ah, my Filofax/ planner drawer. In here I use empty Filofax boxes to store planner refills, and planners that are currently not in use. I am currently selling two more of my planners, so for now they are housed in here.

The other drawer (to the right) holds spare computer items such as headphones and a mouse, as well as spare to do lists and CD's.

That's it! I hoped you enjoyed the tour of my desk, and be sure to check back in for a peek at how I organise all things Filofax Decorating!

Until Next Time,

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