Monday, November 11, 2013

An Exciting Announcement!!

I have something very exciting to share with you all, but for those who may be thinking the B word (baby) well you can just go ahead and stop that. 
It's not THAT B word.

 In a few short weeks (maybe much less, but we'll have to see) I will be revealing my brand spanking new blog!!

My new blog will be based on my great love of all things Organisation, you can simply sit back with a nice beverage (coffee is my choice) and read up on my organising adventures or maybe join me on a project or 3.. or 5! I promise, no previous experience required!

I like to think I am a some what organised person, I mean.. I do have 2 small children, 1 husband and 5 Filofaxes...which will all be discussed about on the new blog ;) but I am always open to learning new ways to better organise myself, my family and my home

If you are too, than be sure to stay tuned for another update on my new blog very soon!!

Until Next Time,

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