Monday, October 21, 2013

What's In My Filofax Travel Case?

If you're aware of what a Filofax Organiser is, than the chances of you having seen one of these travel cases is fairly high. I introduce you to *drum roll* my Filofax Travel Case. It's compact, it was $7 including shipping from Ebay and it's Pink.

This is my portable Filofax Station. I have a drawer that I dedicate to 'Filofax' and this is where I usually house my travel case when I'm not using it to colour code, label and sticker my weeks. 

It houses; post it notes, side notes, colour coding tear drop stickers, Avery tabs, note pads and most importantly my pens.

Each Sunday night I have both my Filofaxes and travel case on my desk, ready to plan out the week ahead. Having everything I use compactly stored in this case, eliminates any time I might use searching for post it notes or a certain pen. 

 I know there are MANY people who joined the craze and immediately bought one of these, I myself am guilty of impulse buying my own many months back, after seeing them everywhere on Instagram. However ..they really are a nifty little case and for $7 it's one of the better impulse buys I've ever made. 

Here's to a hopefully great (and well planned) week ahead!

Until Next Time,

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