Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Re-Organising My A5 Filofax

I use two Filofaxes on a daily basis; an A5 and a personal size Filofax Finsbury. I have always favoured the week on 2 pages layout of my personal size to the appointment style week on two pages layout of the A5 but after pricing refills for the A5 with the same layout of the personal, I wasn't too keen on taking any action just yet.

That is until I came across the fantastic My Life All in One Place blog! There are TONS of free printables on the site, and it really is Filofax lover heaven. I found the perfect layout for my A5, downloaded it, printed etc and now .. wa-la!

I really do prefer this new, non-appointment layout! It works a lot better for my lifestyle and just how my brain works in general. I can't show you this week for obvious security reasons, but below is the before and after with the two layouts.


My day to day life doesn't suit an appointment type layout currently so this really didn't work too well

I'm still able to fit everything I need in my new layout and it suits me SO much better!
 Here's a closer look :) I even have a notes section now which is very handy for those really can't forget this type things

I feel so much more organised now with this new layout, I put that down to the ease of now being able to open up to the current week and seeing everything more evenly spaced horizontally.

What type of layout works best for you? Are you more suited to the appointment style layout, or do you prefer the non lined approach? 

Until Next Time,


  1. I have to have a two pages per day. I have to write everything down so I need all that room.

  2. I love Filofax and I love pink. New follower. Follow me!

  3. I'm really enjoying your blog. I am currently using a week view and a daily todo list which after many years, I am finding really works for me. I did a blog post on it and hope you'll check it out. Meanwhile I am now a follower here and I am off to explore a few more posts. Donna

  4. Thank you for the link. Did you put ALL the calendar-pages inside or only some few month?



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