Friday, October 25, 2013

My Filofax Finsbury in Antique Rose: Personal

It's here!! 

Upon receiving my A5 Finsbury in Antique Rose about 2 months ago, I knew I was in trouble in love. I had previously purchased what I thought was my long sought after love; a PINK personal size Finsbury, and I guess at the time when I wasn't aware of Antique Rose.. it was.

The Finsbury model is definitely a favourite for me, from its style to the texture, I adore everything about it. I've been using my personal Finsbury (in pink) every since I got it back around mid this year, but after discovering the Antique Rose collection... pink was no longer in the lead for me.

I want to say I was very lucky in my search for a Personal Sized Finsbury in Antique Rose, but I also believe it was down to being as equally persistent. After what seemed like an eternity I discovered an ad on Philofaxy for ... yep, a personal sized Antique Rose Finsbury... the best part?! It was in BRAND NEW condition!!

A few emails back and forth, and of course a few moments of holding my breath.. and it was mine!

I (of course) moved into it straight away, and am in love with having both my A5 and personal matching. 

I would love to collect the whole set (Mini and Pocket remain) but we'll see. My Birthday is 3 days after Christmas so who knows...  ;)

I love that I am not alone in wanting to collect a whole set from Filofax :) I've met a few people recently through social media, and I am so happy that I can share my passion with others :)

Until Next Time,


  1. This colour is pretty! I also have purchased a Finsury. Come see my blog:

  2. Hello! I use the Finsbury Antique Rose (mine is Pocket) as well so I got really excited to read your post!! The Finsbury model is my favourite as well, when I first picked it up and held it in my hands at the shop I fell in LOVE :)

    1. Aw I'm so glad you love it too :) I just recently purchased the Pocket and am so excited to start using it very soon :) x

  3. i just found this exact filofax in tkmaxx for £17!!!!!!! with all 2014 inserts. I nearly peed myself! x

  4. ooh meant to say was a5 :) what do you keep in each one?

    1. What a bargain at £17!! My A5 is used as my household planner (cleaning routine, meal planning, family related etc.) my Personal size is my on the go (in my handbag) planner.

  5. Hi I've been hurting high and low for a5 finsbury antique rose.. may I know where did you get yours ?
    Many thanks !



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