Friday, October 18, 2013

My Filofax: Colour Code System

How I Organise My Life With Colour!

This week I've been discussing how I setup my 2 Filofaxes, which you can read about here and here. Today I will be discussing how I organise my weekly layouts with my 10 colour code system

Step 1: Decide what your colour system will be

When I open Filofax and see a yellow sticker I immediately know it is related to my daughter or if it's orange it will involve the entire family.

Colour coding of course is not limited to persons, and can be used to help differentiate events that are either work or school related, family or personal etc. So find out what events or persons you'd like to assign a colour to and get started!

Step 2: Simplicity and Consistency

I use STAEDTLER triplus fineliner pens with my Martha Stewart Removable Colour Coding Labels. I'm currently operating on a colour system consisting of 10 colours. The reason for this? That's how many pens were in my STAEDTLER pack :)

This has been rather helpful though, as when it comes to something like washing the cars.. who does that? Is it the whole family? A general thing? If it's not on my post-it to do list on the front flyleaf of my planner, I have it in yellow on the actual day of doing that task (yellow=cleaning)

You want this system to assist you, not confuse you and hinder you being organised so keep it simple and consistent. As I am trialling out this 10 colour system, I currently have a Legend on a flyleaf to assist me.  I am by no means perfect with this system, but I know that if I get lazy with it and my organisation unravels.. it takes much more time getting back on the ball (so to speak) than it does to just keep up with the system.

Step 3: Designate A Little Time

My advice would be if you're not intending to carry pens/ colour coding stickers with you in your handbag/ manbag .. satchel? on a daily basis, an idea could be to just pop whatever you need to remember on a post it note and stick it on the day necessary until you can put the relevant colour to the event.

Every Sunday Night I sit down with both my planners and my Filofax Travel Case and go through everything I need to get done, and also the things I want to get done (like have some DIY pampering time) I will be discussing my Filofax Travel Case on Monday so make sure you check back in!

That's It! My 3 steps on how I organise my life with colour :) If you'd like to know something that I haven't covered, please feel free to leave me a comment.

Until Next Time,


  1. Your color coding looks so simple. I get so overwhelmed, though, when I try to color code. I suspect my brain is slow about this, because everyone else seems to love color coding.

    1. When I first started with a colour system, I just used 3 colours: Personal (for just me), Family and Our Pay dates. Once you get the hang of that you can redefine your system and add more colours (such as a colour for each family member) hope this helps x



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