Monday, October 28, 2013

Juggling 5 Filofaxes

I've blogged previously about how I was once juggling 3 planners (click here) I've also covered on how I sync both my 2 current planners (here) and now.. I'm here to talk about 5 planners in action.

This is really just a rough draft of my layout, but by sharing this with you all it forces me to think again about each Filofax and their designated responsibility.

Firstly, Finny My A5 

Primarily my Family Planner. Will have the most detailed notes (utilising all that space!) My family and I are wanting to buy a house in the future, so this will house all my inspiration/ magazine ideas etc too. 
- My A5 is always at my desk and will stay this way for the indefinite future. 

Penelope  #1 Personal

This houses the short hand notes of the A5 (see how I sync them here) but will also be primarily where I write MY personal care notes such as waxing, exercise routine (non existent at the moment) hair cuts etc. 
- This will continue to be in my handbag.

Persy #2 Personal

My daughter starts Kindergarten next year and my son will be 1, so I really want to stay on top of all their dental, doctors, general appointments etc. 

I'm also teaching my daughter letters, numbering etc at home currently and want to keep a progression record of this, so having a planner to track of both my children's progress/ health etc is something I am willing to trial out for sure.

- This planner will be housed with my A5 on my desk

- This Finsbury (personal) is currently is transit, hence no picture :)

 (unnamed) Pocket

This year I made a promise to myself that I would teach myself to sew. I bought a sewing machine, became a member of Spotlight and have since become quite addicted to that feeling of great joy, when I hold something that I have just sewn. 

This planner will house my fabric & acc. inventory list, plan out my upcoming projects and of course, keep track of how much I am spending on my sewing!

Affectionately will be called... Minnie the Mini

We are currently all digital when it comes to tracking/ mapping out our Finances, and it has been working a treat BUT I am definitely a paper and pen gal so I am wanting to have a 'back up' to the digital system.

I won't be using it as a wallet, just helping me track all OUTGOING and INCOMING $$

I am currently awaiting the arrival of this Filofax :)

Image courtesy of

5 may seem like a LOT, but I am willing to give it a try. I won't know what system is the best for me if I don't trial out a few :)

Make sure you tune back in on Monday, where I will be doing a size comparison of the A5, Personal &  Pocket :) (I'm awaiting the arrival of the Mini)

Until Next Time,


  1. Wow, that's like Filofax heaven ;-)

    I only have the Finsbury A5 in Raspberry (Family planner too, with sections on finance/housing) and the Metropol Pocket in Red (meal planner, cleaning tasks, shopping lists etc). I'm on the fence as to whether I should get that lovely Finsbury A5 in Raspberry that I saw on Amazon.

    Let us know how iyou get on with the 5 Filofaxes!

  2. Oops, I had meant to say Finsbury Personal in Raspberry (don't think I need another A5 at the moment)!



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