Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How I Sync My Filofaxes

I see this question around the blogosphere a lot in relation to Filofaxes; How does one sync their Filofax? Well, I can't tell you how anyone else syncs their own, but I can show and explain to you how I sync my 2 Filofaxes :)

I am currently using an A5 (Antique Rose) and Personal (Pink) size Filofax Finsbury

Step 1:

Pick A Day & Dedicate Some Time!

Every Sunday (generally when both my children are sleeping) I sit down at my office desk, with a nice hot cup of coffee and map out my week. Sunday works best for me, you want to pick a day that is helping you to plan out your entire week ahead.. not help you half way through.

Mapping out my week and syncing my Filofaxes takes around 20 minutes now. When I first started, this timeframe was more like 45- 60 minutes as I was just starting out and wasn't really aware of what colour system and decorations worked for me.

You'll get the hang of mapping out your week soon enough, so don't be frustrated or discouraged if it takes you a little while to get into a good routine.

I currently use in my A5 the WO2P layout via Philofaxy

Step 2:

Write Out A List:

Last week in particular was a VERY crazy week! I am getting married in a few days and have been going about finalising everything for our Wedding, along with organising our house for an inspection AND making sure our lawns get maintained before we leave.

Before I even open my Filofax, I write down a list of everything I need to get completed during the week. An average week may look like this:

  • Laundry
  • Vacuuming 
  • General Tidy
  • Grocery Shop
  • Bill Paying
  • Blogging
  • Sewing
  • Luke's Work Roster

Once I have everything laid out (generally just on scrap paper) I can then see how much time I have to get certain things done, map out the best times to get jobs completed and of course this way I am able to see any 'spare' time I may have during the week.

Step 3:

Start with 1 Planner

With my list of everything that's happening during the week/ what I need to have completed, I start out by writing all my upcoming events/ to-do's for the week in my A5 Filofax (sticking to my colour code system of course.) I will generally start with whole family events, then go down the list; Luke, Me, Lily and Jett. After that I will fill in anything house related; lawn maintenance, house inspection etc.

Lastly I will put in 'general' things such as a reminder that a bill is due soon etc (this is in black)

Once my entire week has been filled out in that planner, I move to filling in my personal size (currently using my Pink Finsbury)

This is a time saver for me as my A5 has a more detailed view of what is going on in my week, so by having it fully completed first, I can then make short hand notes in my personal size, carrying on of course with the colour scheme.

That's it! Every Sunday I know that I will be mapping out what is going to be happening (as much as one can) and it eliminates me stressing about things such as my daughters dance attire being ready for her, whether certain bills have been paid etc because it has all been assigned a day to be taken care of :)

Do you have a different way that you enjoy syncing your Filofaxes? How many Filofaxes do you currently have in circulation?

Until Next Time,


  1. So, basically, everything goes in the A5 but only highlights go in the personal? Do you include anything that you will be doing away from home? Are do you not consider that?

    1. Hi Giftie :) I always put doctors appts, dentist visits etc in my personal, as well as holiday information however appointments are just on a Martha Stewart Tear Drop sticker so I save space, but my attention is still drawn to it :) and holiday information is written out as more checklists in the back of the planner



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