Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How I Setup My Filofaxes (pt.2)

This is part 2 of how I setup my Filofaxes, if you'd like to read part 1 simply click here :)

A5 sized Finsbury

This was the 3rd and most latest Filofax I have ever purchased, it was always at the top of my wish list since discovering Filofaxes so I feel very fortunate to own this particular one :)

Much like the setup of my personal size, my A5 is simply a more detailed system. Whilst I don't carry my A5 around with me, I do like to have that option available and my current handbag seems the perfect size.

Currently I do not keep any cards in the 6 allocated slots, I do however keep paper work that is relevant to now in the large slot. 

On the provided flyleaf I keep my daily to-do list. I did have a whole to-do list tab in my Filofax, but I found I wasn't referring to it as often as I'd like to and at the end of the day was not crossing off a lot of the listed things.

This system works for me, and at the end of every day I write a new list for the following day. 

I keep a photo of hubby to be and I behind the flyleaf, this photo was taken from our engagement photo shoot and I just think it's very romantic and awe inspiring.

The first two tabs you see straight away are my Monthly and Weekly ones. I printed out my months from they honestly have the cutest printable's I have seen so far for calendars!

Tabs in A5

As I just discussed above I use the free printable monthly calendars from

Weekly Planner:
I was using the appointment-style week on two pages that originally came with my Filofax however my lifestyle really does not suit the appointment layout, I found a much better (and FREE) week on two page layout via the website My Life All In One Place. Since switching to the new layout I feel like I use my A5 a lot more and am overall more organised due to the simpler layout. 

Here I keep Important Contacts, Important Dates and a quick rundown of our Weekly Routine. I have a seperate spiral organiser for Christmas however I have kept the Christmas Gift Ideas and Card List in my Filofax for quick reference, of course after the Christmas period these two tabs will be removed.

Meal Planning, Grocery Lists, Menus


SkinnyBudget Blog:

Whatever my current goals are, I keep a sub category for each one in my Filofax with a breakdown of each goal into micro steps in order to make each one of my goals more achievable.

At the very back of the Filofax I have the 8 card slot that came with my Filofax, however I currently do not use it.

The notepad at the back is simply used to quickly jot things down, and I later write them (neatly) into my A5- colour coded accordingly of course!

So there you have it! That's how I set up both my Personal and A5 Filofax Finsbury :)

Feel free to share this post as I know I am always curious how others setup their lives in their Filofax :) Also be sure to pop back over on Friday where I go a bit more into detail about how I organise my weeks with my Filofax :)

Until Next Time,


  1. Hiya, love your Filo's =)
    I am trying to decide if I can get by with just my personal chameleon, or if I need to go for pocket, in my bag, and a5 at home...
    How do you keep your two Finsbury's synced?
    Thanks again for your posts x

    1. Hi, I dedicate some time each Sunday to sync up my Filofaxes. I make sure each week has the same information (doctors appointments, haircuts etc.) then go about adding all the extra things like my to-do list or meal plan for the week.

      It doesn't take me more than 20 minutes, and for the rest of the week, no matter which size Filofax I am favouring, they both have the same information in them :)

      Hope this helped :)

      Natasha x

  2. Thanks for your reply, have just read your post about sync-ing, very helpful. Thought you might like the downloadable personal and a5 inserts that I recently purchased from Etsy...
    Cute and functional, Anna hasn't asked me to promote her shop, I just love her printables x
    Keep up the Filofax posts, please?



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