Monday, October 14, 2013

How I Setup My Filofaxes (pt.1)

This month has been all about tying up details, making last minute buys and of course, making full use of having 2 Filofaxes (in use at the same time) as in just 21 days... I become (officially) Mrs. Robertson! 

In today's post I will be discussing how I setup my Filofax Personal Sized Finsbury, make sure you tune back in on Monday for pt.2 where I go into detail about how I setup my Filofax A5 Sized Finsbury :)

Personal sized Finsbury

This was the 2nd Filofax I ever purchased (the first being a personal sized Domino.)

I keep this with me in my handbag at all times, so a tiny clutch or handbag during the day doesn't work for me.

In the 6 card slots I keep my loyalty cards from numerous shops (I just can't say NO when stores ask if I would like to sign up to be a member..) Having my loyalty cards in here works out great as I've already taken up the card spaces in my wallet and always have them on hand, ready for points to be added onto them!

I LOVE this picture of my daughter Lily at the Bay near our house, it was my last outing with her prior to the birth of our son Jett and it always makes me smile seeing it.

I'm a sucker for cute stickers, so when I received these stickers and saw just how cute they were.. I couldn't put them on paper, so I stuck them on the front flyleaf of my Filofax :)

Tabs in Personal

I picked up a very cheap 2 year planner from Kmart for $2, took out the calendar, hole punched and then placed it into my Filofax. It's really quite handy having the whole month laid out like this, so I can see upcoming events. I use another today page marker that I got with my Domino, to keep track of the months in the planner

Day Planner:
This is just the normal week on 2 pages layout that came with my Filofax.

I use washi tape and an assortment of different stickers to help decorate my weeks, if I don't do this, I tend not to be as interested in keeping organised. Both washi tape and stickers are very inexpensive (when you shop around) so this doesn't break the piggy bank by any means :)

Whatever my goals currently are I write them down in this section, then each goal has its own sub-section where I can go into more detail, breaking down each goal and for me, this makes them much more achievable. 

And at the very back of my Filofax you will find this is where I keep contact cards for several local businesses/places that we tend to contact on a frequent/ monthly basis.

And that's it! I don't keep anything in the zipper compartment at the back as I've never come across the need to.

I'd love to see how you set up your Filofax, so feel free to leave a link and comment below :) Make sure you check back in for pt. 2 where I go over how I setup my A5!

Until Next Time,


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    1. Thank you so much Daniela :) I love your name btw! x

  2. I love that you use items from Kmart. Such a good idea!



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