Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Filofax: Decoration Storage

My stationery collection has grown quite tremendously over the past few weeks, mainly thanks to my planner love/ addiction/ appreciation. I mean, who doesn't love a functional, yet beautiful planner?

Anyhoo.. I've been wanting to make my decoration 'station' a lot more accessible, as it's been living in my desk drawer all in one large box for quite some time and it was proving to be rather annoying (as you may imagine.)

Below is a picture of how I kept the boxes after taking them out of my drawer. I soon realised I couldn't remember straight away, what exactly I had in what box.. so out came some label making skills.

I like the bottom stacking a lot more than the above layout, however until I can memorise what's in where... I need to see labels!

I've blogged about how and when I sync my Filofaxes, (which you can read about here) and each time that I go through and organise the upcoming week, I like to both take my time, and yet make it as less of a drawn out process as I can.

So having everything ready to go, is very much appealing to me.

Washi Tape!
My collection has grown over the last week, thanks to a swap I did courtesy of Facebook. If you're reading my blog Tania, thank you once again for my beautiful stationery xx
I keep all my Washi Tape and most recently my Muji Stamp and Ink Pad in this box.

 Notes & Stickers!
This is the smaller, and generally animal-themed kind of sticky notes. I also have a few Martha Stewart Tear Drop Removable Labels in here too, these are used for my colour code system which I have blogged about here.

 Post-it's, Notes & Flags!
Look at all this beautiful stationery!! About 90% of this was all thanks to a swap I did and I am beyond words grateful for all this stationery goodness!! If you're like me and love stationery, maybe you can appreciate this too? ;)

Stickers & Paper!
Preeetttyyy self explanatory again, but this is where I keep my craft paper that I use to make DIY dividers in my Filofaxes, along with stickers used for decorating pages :) I also stash a roll of normal sticky tape and a roll of double sided craft tape in here... you know, just for good measure ;)

So that's how I store my Filofax decorating stationery! Stay tuned for a tour of my NEW Filofax Finsbury Pocket that'll be upcoming shortly :)

Until Next Time,

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