Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Filofax: Decoration Storage

My stationery collection has grown quite tremendously over the past few weeks, mainly thanks to my planner love/ addiction/ appreciation. I mean, who doesn't love a functional, yet beautiful planner?

Anyhoo.. I've been wanting to make my decoration 'station' a lot more accessible, as it's been living in my desk drawer all in one large box for quite some time and it was proving to be rather annoying (as you may imagine.)

Below is a picture of how I kept the boxes after taking them out of my drawer. I soon realised I couldn't remember straight away, what exactly I had in what box.. so out came some label making skills.

I like the bottom stacking a lot more than the above layout, however until I can memorise what's in where... I need to see labels!

I've blogged about how and when I sync my Filofaxes, (which you can read about here) and each time that I go through and organise the upcoming week, I like to both take my time, and yet make it as less of a drawn out process as I can.

So having everything ready to go, is very much appealing to me.

Washi Tape!
My collection has grown over the last week, thanks to a swap I did courtesy of Facebook. If you're reading my blog Tania, thank you once again for my beautiful stationery xx
I keep all my Washi Tape and most recently my Muji Stamp and Ink Pad in this box.

 Notes & Stickers!
This is the smaller, and generally animal-themed kind of sticky notes. I also have a few Martha Stewart Tear Drop Removable Labels in here too, these are used for my colour code system which I have blogged about here.

 Post-it's, Notes & Flags!
Look at all this beautiful stationery!! About 90% of this was all thanks to a swap I did and I am beyond words grateful for all this stationery goodness!! If you're like me and love stationery, maybe you can appreciate this too? ;)

Stickers & Paper!
Preeetttyyy self explanatory again, but this is where I keep my craft paper that I use to make DIY dividers in my Filofaxes, along with stickers used for decorating pages :) I also stash a roll of normal sticky tape and a roll of double sided craft tape in here... you know, just for good measure ;)

So that's how I store my Filofax decorating stationery! Stay tuned for a tour of my NEW Filofax Finsbury Pocket that'll be upcoming shortly :)

Until Next Time,

Monday, October 28, 2013

Juggling 5 Filofaxes

I've blogged previously about how I was once juggling 3 planners (click here) I've also covered on how I sync both my 2 current planners (here) and now.. I'm here to talk about 5 planners in action.

This is really just a rough draft of my layout, but by sharing this with you all it forces me to think again about each Filofax and their designated responsibility.

Firstly, Finny My A5 

Primarily my Family Planner. Will have the most detailed notes (utilising all that space!) My family and I are wanting to buy a house in the future, so this will house all my inspiration/ magazine ideas etc too. 
- My A5 is always at my desk and will stay this way for the indefinite future. 

Penelope  #1 Personal

This houses the short hand notes of the A5 (see how I sync them here) but will also be primarily where I write MY personal care notes such as waxing, exercise routine (non existent at the moment) hair cuts etc. 
- This will continue to be in my handbag.

Persy #2 Personal

My daughter starts Kindergarten next year and my son will be 1, so I really want to stay on top of all their dental, doctors, general appointments etc. 

I'm also teaching my daughter letters, numbering etc at home currently and want to keep a progression record of this, so having a planner to track of both my children's progress/ health etc is something I am willing to trial out for sure.

- This planner will be housed with my A5 on my desk

- This Finsbury (personal) is currently is transit, hence no picture :)

 (unnamed) Pocket

This year I made a promise to myself that I would teach myself to sew. I bought a sewing machine, became a member of Spotlight and have since become quite addicted to that feeling of great joy, when I hold something that I have just sewn. 

This planner will house my fabric & acc. inventory list, plan out my upcoming projects and of course, keep track of how much I am spending on my sewing!

Affectionately will be called... Minnie the Mini

We are currently all digital when it comes to tracking/ mapping out our Finances, and it has been working a treat BUT I am definitely a paper and pen gal so I am wanting to have a 'back up' to the digital system.

I won't be using it as a wallet, just helping me track all OUTGOING and INCOMING $$

I am currently awaiting the arrival of this Filofax :)

Image courtesy of

5 may seem like a LOT, but I am willing to give it a try. I won't know what system is the best for me if I don't trial out a few :)

Make sure you tune back in on Monday, where I will be doing a size comparison of the A5, Personal &  Pocket :) (I'm awaiting the arrival of the Mini)

Until Next Time,

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Filofax Finsbury in Antique Rose: Personal

It's here!! 

Upon receiving my A5 Finsbury in Antique Rose about 2 months ago, I knew I was in trouble in love. I had previously purchased what I thought was my long sought after love; a PINK personal size Finsbury, and I guess at the time when I wasn't aware of Antique Rose.. it was.

The Finsbury model is definitely a favourite for me, from its style to the texture, I adore everything about it. I've been using my personal Finsbury (in pink) every since I got it back around mid this year, but after discovering the Antique Rose collection... pink was no longer in the lead for me.

I want to say I was very lucky in my search for a Personal Sized Finsbury in Antique Rose, but I also believe it was down to being as equally persistent. After what seemed like an eternity I discovered an ad on Philofaxy for ... yep, a personal sized Antique Rose Finsbury... the best part?! It was in BRAND NEW condition!!

A few emails back and forth, and of course a few moments of holding my breath.. and it was mine!

I (of course) moved into it straight away, and am in love with having both my A5 and personal matching. 

I would love to collect the whole set (Mini and Pocket remain) but we'll see. My Birthday is 3 days after Christmas so who knows...  ;)

I love that I am not alone in wanting to collect a whole set from Filofax :) I've met a few people recently through social media, and I am so happy that I can share my passion with others :)

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How I Sync My Filofaxes

I see this question around the blogosphere a lot in relation to Filofaxes; How does one sync their Filofax? Well, I can't tell you how anyone else syncs their own, but I can show and explain to you how I sync my 2 Filofaxes :)

I am currently using an A5 (Antique Rose) and Personal (Pink) size Filofax Finsbury

Step 1:

Pick A Day & Dedicate Some Time!

Every Sunday (generally when both my children are sleeping) I sit down at my office desk, with a nice hot cup of coffee and map out my week. Sunday works best for me, you want to pick a day that is helping you to plan out your entire week ahead.. not help you half way through.

Mapping out my week and syncing my Filofaxes takes around 20 minutes now. When I first started, this timeframe was more like 45- 60 minutes as I was just starting out and wasn't really aware of what colour system and decorations worked for me.

You'll get the hang of mapping out your week soon enough, so don't be frustrated or discouraged if it takes you a little while to get into a good routine.

I currently use in my A5 the WO2P layout via Philofaxy

Step 2:

Write Out A List:

Last week in particular was a VERY crazy week! I am getting married in a few days and have been going about finalising everything for our Wedding, along with organising our house for an inspection AND making sure our lawns get maintained before we leave.

Before I even open my Filofax, I write down a list of everything I need to get completed during the week. An average week may look like this:

  • Laundry
  • Vacuuming 
  • General Tidy
  • Grocery Shop
  • Bill Paying
  • Blogging
  • Sewing
  • Luke's Work Roster

Once I have everything laid out (generally just on scrap paper) I can then see how much time I have to get certain things done, map out the best times to get jobs completed and of course this way I am able to see any 'spare' time I may have during the week.

Step 3:

Start with 1 Planner

With my list of everything that's happening during the week/ what I need to have completed, I start out by writing all my upcoming events/ to-do's for the week in my A5 Filofax (sticking to my colour code system of course.) I will generally start with whole family events, then go down the list; Luke, Me, Lily and Jett. After that I will fill in anything house related; lawn maintenance, house inspection etc.

Lastly I will put in 'general' things such as a reminder that a bill is due soon etc (this is in black)

Once my entire week has been filled out in that planner, I move to filling in my personal size (currently using my Pink Finsbury)

This is a time saver for me as my A5 has a more detailed view of what is going on in my week, so by having it fully completed first, I can then make short hand notes in my personal size, carrying on of course with the colour scheme.

That's it! Every Sunday I know that I will be mapping out what is going to be happening (as much as one can) and it eliminates me stressing about things such as my daughters dance attire being ready for her, whether certain bills have been paid etc because it has all been assigned a day to be taken care of :)

Do you have a different way that you enjoy syncing your Filofaxes? How many Filofaxes do you currently have in circulation?

Until Next Time,

Monday, October 21, 2013

What's In My Filofax Travel Case?

If you're aware of what a Filofax Organiser is, than the chances of you having seen one of these travel cases is fairly high. I introduce you to *drum roll* my Filofax Travel Case. It's compact, it was $7 including shipping from Ebay and it's Pink.

This is my portable Filofax Station. I have a drawer that I dedicate to 'Filofax' and this is where I usually house my travel case when I'm not using it to colour code, label and sticker my weeks. 

It houses; post it notes, side notes, colour coding tear drop stickers, Avery tabs, note pads and most importantly my pens.

Each Sunday night I have both my Filofaxes and travel case on my desk, ready to plan out the week ahead. Having everything I use compactly stored in this case, eliminates any time I might use searching for post it notes or a certain pen. 

 I know there are MANY people who joined the craze and immediately bought one of these, I myself am guilty of impulse buying my own many months back, after seeing them everywhere on Instagram. However ..they really are a nifty little case and for $7 it's one of the better impulse buys I've ever made. 

Here's to a hopefully great (and well planned) week ahead!

Until Next Time,

Friday, October 18, 2013

My Filofax: Colour Code System

How I Organise My Life With Colour!

This week I've been discussing how I setup my 2 Filofaxes, which you can read about here and here. Today I will be discussing how I organise my weekly layouts with my 10 colour code system

Step 1: Decide what your colour system will be

When I open Filofax and see a yellow sticker I immediately know it is related to my daughter or if it's orange it will involve the entire family.

Colour coding of course is not limited to persons, and can be used to help differentiate events that are either work or school related, family or personal etc. So find out what events or persons you'd like to assign a colour to and get started!

Step 2: Simplicity and Consistency

I use STAEDTLER triplus fineliner pens with my Martha Stewart Removable Colour Coding Labels. I'm currently operating on a colour system consisting of 10 colours. The reason for this? That's how many pens were in my STAEDTLER pack :)

This has been rather helpful though, as when it comes to something like washing the cars.. who does that? Is it the whole family? A general thing? If it's not on my post-it to do list on the front flyleaf of my planner, I have it in yellow on the actual day of doing that task (yellow=cleaning)

You want this system to assist you, not confuse you and hinder you being organised so keep it simple and consistent. As I am trialling out this 10 colour system, I currently have a Legend on a flyleaf to assist me.  I am by no means perfect with this system, but I know that if I get lazy with it and my organisation unravels.. it takes much more time getting back on the ball (so to speak) than it does to just keep up with the system.

Step 3: Designate A Little Time

My advice would be if you're not intending to carry pens/ colour coding stickers with you in your handbag/ manbag .. satchel? on a daily basis, an idea could be to just pop whatever you need to remember on a post it note and stick it on the day necessary until you can put the relevant colour to the event.

Every Sunday Night I sit down with both my planners and my Filofax Travel Case and go through everything I need to get done, and also the things I want to get done (like have some DIY pampering time) I will be discussing my Filofax Travel Case on Monday so make sure you check back in!

That's It! My 3 steps on how I organise my life with colour :) If you'd like to know something that I haven't covered, please feel free to leave me a comment.

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How I Setup My Filofaxes (pt.2)

This is part 2 of how I setup my Filofaxes, if you'd like to read part 1 simply click here :)

A5 sized Finsbury

This was the 3rd and most latest Filofax I have ever purchased, it was always at the top of my wish list since discovering Filofaxes so I feel very fortunate to own this particular one :)

Much like the setup of my personal size, my A5 is simply a more detailed system. Whilst I don't carry my A5 around with me, I do like to have that option available and my current handbag seems the perfect size.

Currently I do not keep any cards in the 6 allocated slots, I do however keep paper work that is relevant to now in the large slot. 

On the provided flyleaf I keep my daily to-do list. I did have a whole to-do list tab in my Filofax, but I found I wasn't referring to it as often as I'd like to and at the end of the day was not crossing off a lot of the listed things.

This system works for me, and at the end of every day I write a new list for the following day. 

I keep a photo of hubby to be and I behind the flyleaf, this photo was taken from our engagement photo shoot and I just think it's very romantic and awe inspiring.

The first two tabs you see straight away are my Monthly and Weekly ones. I printed out my months from they honestly have the cutest printable's I have seen so far for calendars!

Tabs in A5

As I just discussed above I use the free printable monthly calendars from

Weekly Planner:
I was using the appointment-style week on two pages that originally came with my Filofax however my lifestyle really does not suit the appointment layout, I found a much better (and FREE) week on two page layout via the website My Life All In One Place. Since switching to the new layout I feel like I use my A5 a lot more and am overall more organised due to the simpler layout. 

Here I keep Important Contacts, Important Dates and a quick rundown of our Weekly Routine. I have a seperate spiral organiser for Christmas however I have kept the Christmas Gift Ideas and Card List in my Filofax for quick reference, of course after the Christmas period these two tabs will be removed.

Meal Planning, Grocery Lists, Menus


SkinnyBudget Blog:

Whatever my current goals are, I keep a sub category for each one in my Filofax with a breakdown of each goal into micro steps in order to make each one of my goals more achievable.

At the very back of the Filofax I have the 8 card slot that came with my Filofax, however I currently do not use it.

The notepad at the back is simply used to quickly jot things down, and I later write them (neatly) into my A5- colour coded accordingly of course!

So there you have it! That's how I set up both my Personal and A5 Filofax Finsbury :)

Feel free to share this post as I know I am always curious how others setup their lives in their Filofax :) Also be sure to pop back over on Friday where I go a bit more into detail about how I organise my weeks with my Filofax :)

Until Next Time,

Monday, October 14, 2013

How I Setup My Filofaxes (pt.1)

This month has been all about tying up details, making last minute buys and of course, making full use of having 2 Filofaxes (in use at the same time) as in just 21 days... I become (officially) Mrs. Robertson! 

In today's post I will be discussing how I setup my Filofax Personal Sized Finsbury, make sure you tune back in on Monday for pt.2 where I go into detail about how I setup my Filofax A5 Sized Finsbury :)

Personal sized Finsbury

This was the 2nd Filofax I ever purchased (the first being a personal sized Domino.)

I keep this with me in my handbag at all times, so a tiny clutch or handbag during the day doesn't work for me.

In the 6 card slots I keep my loyalty cards from numerous shops (I just can't say NO when stores ask if I would like to sign up to be a member..) Having my loyalty cards in here works out great as I've already taken up the card spaces in my wallet and always have them on hand, ready for points to be added onto them!

I LOVE this picture of my daughter Lily at the Bay near our house, it was my last outing with her prior to the birth of our son Jett and it always makes me smile seeing it.

I'm a sucker for cute stickers, so when I received these stickers and saw just how cute they were.. I couldn't put them on paper, so I stuck them on the front flyleaf of my Filofax :)

Tabs in Personal

I picked up a very cheap 2 year planner from Kmart for $2, took out the calendar, hole punched and then placed it into my Filofax. It's really quite handy having the whole month laid out like this, so I can see upcoming events. I use another today page marker that I got with my Domino, to keep track of the months in the planner

Day Planner:
This is just the normal week on 2 pages layout that came with my Filofax.

I use washi tape and an assortment of different stickers to help decorate my weeks, if I don't do this, I tend not to be as interested in keeping organised. Both washi tape and stickers are very inexpensive (when you shop around) so this doesn't break the piggy bank by any means :)

Whatever my goals currently are I write them down in this section, then each goal has its own sub-section where I can go into more detail, breaking down each goal and for me, this makes them much more achievable. 

And at the very back of my Filofax you will find this is where I keep contact cards for several local businesses/places that we tend to contact on a frequent/ monthly basis.

And that's it! I don't keep anything in the zipper compartment at the back as I've never come across the need to.

I'd love to see how you set up your Filofax, so feel free to leave a link and comment below :) Make sure you check back in for pt. 2 where I go over how I setup my A5!

Until Next Time,

Friday, October 4, 2013

Let's Talk Hair

My hair doesn't like to party. It likes to be conservative in a pony tail, and mainly be very flat and show no life. I am now at the point of threatening said non-party hair with the prospect of shortness.

Do I wait until after I get married to chop it off? Do I resist the urge to chop it altogether? Is there life after the hair chop? Who am I asking all these questions to? I just don't know.

I've had just about all the 'normal' haircuts you could think of, and almost every horrid one too

-the pixie cut: took 3 years to grow out
- the shoulder length do, courtesy of the pixie cut
- the bob: courtesy of getting tired of shoulder length hair
- the layers, the bangs, the 'almost looks like a mullet', the did you ask for your money back haircut... 

It's almost enough to make you crazy and just flip out like this... almost.

Just a normal day ...

After countless why did I ever leave my house and go to the hairdressers I developed a case of I will have to cut my own hair forever-itis which actually has worked out awesome I might add, I've saved a ton of money and have since, always gotten the cut that I want.. however, now I have a mass amount of hair .. and cutting it myself suddenly seems, a very daunting task.

 I'm thinking shoulder length hair this time, with potentially a bit of colour but I'm probably going to have to spend a bit of time trawling Pinterest before any final decision comes about.

Maybe I won't think too much about it, and I'll just strut right into a salon, slam my money down, look them dead in the eye and say "Do It! I don't even care!" 

Food for thought.

Until next time,


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Re-Organising My A5 Filofax

I use two Filofaxes on a daily basis; an A5 and a personal size Filofax Finsbury. I have always favoured the week on 2 pages layout of my personal size to the appointment style week on two pages layout of the A5 but after pricing refills for the A5 with the same layout of the personal, I wasn't too keen on taking any action just yet.

That is until I came across the fantastic My Life All in One Place blog! There are TONS of free printables on the site, and it really is Filofax lover heaven. I found the perfect layout for my A5, downloaded it, printed etc and now .. wa-la!

I really do prefer this new, non-appointment layout! It works a lot better for my lifestyle and just how my brain works in general. I can't show you this week for obvious security reasons, but below is the before and after with the two layouts.


My day to day life doesn't suit an appointment type layout currently so this really didn't work too well

I'm still able to fit everything I need in my new layout and it suits me SO much better!
 Here's a closer look :) I even have a notes section now which is very handy for those really can't forget this type things

I feel so much more organised now with this new layout, I put that down to the ease of now being able to open up to the current week and seeing everything more evenly spaced horizontally.

What type of layout works best for you? Are you more suited to the appointment style layout, or do you prefer the non lined approach? 

Until Next Time,


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