Friday, September 6, 2013

Wedding Planning on a Budget pt4

Big Wedding Plan Changes!

It has been quite some time since I last updated you all on Luke and I's Wedding Plans, and whilst I am usually bursting to tell you all the latest on our journey to being Husband and Wife, this time I was quite hesitant to share an update, as I am still trying to reach a few family and friends also to let them know. 

For a number of reasons, Luke and I have changed our entire Wedding Plans. 

Lisa Hayman Photography Folks! 

The Date & Location:

Luke and I have decided to opt for a smaller, more intimate wedding.
This suits us much better than our original plans and all our close family and friends who know us and our situation have agreed, that this decision will be the best for us. 

Due to this decision however, some family and friends who are very dear to me, will not be able to attend and so with this decision has also come sadness, however again, everyone has been very loving and supportive towards our new Wedding plans. 

We did/ still do expect our guest numbers to drop, given the decision to move our wedding forward by 3 months, it is a lot to ask of people and for that reason we really did/ do not expect many people to be able to attend.

Engagement Photos:

Whilst down in Victoria (our original state for the Wedding) we met up with our Photographer Lisa, whom we had booked to do our Wedding photos but sadly will no longer be needing due to the changing of our circumstance, we were lucky enough however, to still be able to go ahead and get some amazing engagement photos taken, and I am so grateful to Lisa (link here) for this opportunity!

Apart from the occasional iPhone picture I take of us, Luke and I don't really have any great photos of us two (professionally taken) so this was an amazing thing to get done. Especially to look back on in 10 years and say Wow Natasha, go get a haircut already! ;)

What Next?

Apart from the 'loose ends' of Wedding Planning such as my shoes (opting for flats!) and picking wedding hair and makeup styles (thanks Google and Pinterest!) we/ I am just about done and dusted. 

I hope you're all having an amazing week, and if you're getting married soon, I hope it's all going beautifully for you!!

Until Next Time,

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