Monday, September 16, 2013

Spending and Saving!

 This week we actually did something we don't usually do very often, we spoilt ourselves. I'm happy to say we don't have any credit cards, so there was no extra debt by the end of this week! Everything we have purchased was on sale, from the zippers I purchased at my local thrift store, to my new handbag and wallet! All on sale. 

Two words: Bargain. Hunters.

Tuesday 10th: I'm currently taking part in ABFOL's September PlannerAddicts IG Challenge. My IG name is: FabricandPaper if you want to check out more of my Filofax piccies :) This has really made me focus on my planners and how I set them up. I'll be sharing a more in depth look at my planners this week :)

Wednesday 11th: Finished my first ever quilted zipper bag! There are SO many amazing and FREE sewing tutorials out there. Especially via Pinterest.

Friday 13th: Finished off my last zipper pouch for the week (the blue/brown one on the right)  I don't want to get too comfortable doing the same technique over and over so I have been looking at a few different pouch tutorials online and trialling them out. I can't wait to make some more though and gift them to friends and family!

Saturday 14th: I was a bit spoilt and got a new Guess handbag and wallet! (both on sale of course) We also stopped in at our nearest Spotlight as they were celebrating their 40th Birthday, so I was able to pick up some much needed/ wanted supplies.

I hope I'm not the only one, but I love changing over my handbags and wallets! Even if it's not to a newer one, there's something very.. fresh start about it to me.
Sunday 15th: After trawling Pinterest for 1/2 a day I decided I really wanted to make my own dust cover for my sewing machine. Using the fabric I snapped up at Spotlight, I made the above cover. I'm quite happy with how it turned out, I used the plastic cover that the machine originally came with as my template, I just wish Luke was a bit more excited about it haha.

So yes, this past week there has been spending and savings made! I'm still up keeping our budget of course, especially with our upcoming wedding only a few weeks away! Later this week I'll be sharing an updated look at my budget planner too :)

How was your week? Hope you're all having a great start to this one!

Until next time,

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