Monday, September 9, 2013

Sewing Weekend!

I suddenly felt rather inspired this past weekend to get back to my sewing, and since I've been feeling rather average in the inspiration department lately, this has been a very welcomed change! On to Pinterest I went, and after about 2 minutes had close to 20 things I wanted to make.. I knew that I wanted to make simple things to start off with, and I have been wanting a little more organisation within my purse so here's what I came up with.

I must warn you that this post is a little on the picture heavy side.

Just this weekend alone, I have made:

- 4 assorted sized pouches (based off this tutorial)
- A tissue holder for my purse
- A travel nappy wallet (based off this tutorial)
- A button up clutch (based off this tutorial)

Pouches Galore!
I made the horse themed fabric pouch for my daughter Lily, and I'm sure I'll be making a few more very soon for family and friends ;)

I played around a lot with the tutorials I found/ loved, purely at the time because I didn't have the correct length zippers! All in all though, with a bit of my own personal touches to the tutorials, the end product felt more... me.

Took about 15 mins to make this simple little tissue holder

The colour is off in this picture, see the below pic for the accurate colours :)
The travel nappy wallet is the perfect fit in my handbag. If I quickly need to run an errand with Mr. 10 month old, I can rest assure they'll be a nappy and wipes... should an .. incident occur. 

and... two seconds later, Mr.10 month old came to help
And this is what it all looks like in my handbag! 

It's not heavy, just very organised, which if you ask hubby to be, he'll tell you that suits me just fine :)

No Bulk, and now I have a special place for everything :)

This sewing weekend wasn't without its injury I'm afraid, whilst I was trying to maintain a perfectly straight seam along my button up clutch, I unfortunately had my finger too close to the needle and... OUCH, managed to give myself a nasty cut. All in all though, a productive sewing weekend :)

So that was my sewing weekend! Fun, fantastic and tiring! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! 

Until Next Time,

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