Friday, September 27, 2013

Sewing Station Tour (Update!)

I've just recently updated my sewing station (thanks to the help of Mr. Muscles aka Hubby to be) and wanted to share with you all some of the new changes and the layout. I share my sewing space with my hubby to be, my office desk and the kids playroom so this large room is definitely well utilised!

I love my little corner of the house and hope you do to!

Click here to see my previous sewing station tour. Or keep reading below to see my new layout!

I purchased an ironing board finally! 

It's a vast difference compared to my previous layout!

When I first started sewing I wasn't sure how 'dedicated' I could/ would be to this new found passion, however 5 months into it I am making boxed pouches, flat pouches, dust covers for my sewing machine etc and the list of projects I want to try is always growing! 

So updating my little slice of the house was a very welcomed change :)

I try to utilise every spare bit of space I can on my desk.

Here's how I set it all up currently:

- I store my buttons in old coffee jars
- I store zippers in an old flour jar
- I use 3 dollar store bought plastic trays to organise my fabric
- I cut out squares of cardboard, and wrap my fabric around these to keep them neat
- I use an old printer paper box to store my larger cuts of fabric, iron-on interfacing and scrap strips.
- I re-use formula containers (after washing them completely and drying them out) to store my stuffing for dolls, toys etc.

Use what you have! Get creative! Doing so frees up $$ to buy other, much more needed items such as an iron and a pretty ironing board cover ;)

Hope you're all having a great week! Happy Sewing :)

Until Next time,

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