Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sewing Adventures: Pigs and Robots!

Now that i'm teaching myself to sew (slowly, but passionately) I have rediscovered my love of thrift stores, largely to the inexpensive fabric and array of zippers and buttons I can get for not much more then a handful of change! Strongly recommend thrift store shopping!

I did the very generic Home Economics sewing lessons in High school but never felt super passionate towards sewing on any level, in fact I remember pricking my finger and thinking why do people do this to themselves? 

It was only after becoming a mumma and discovering.. Pinterest! of all things, that made me really want to get back into the realm of fabric and cotton and give it another try.

To date I have made my niece a Peppa Pig doll, and our son a 'Scrap Fabric' Robot named... Scrap. I love it! Our daughter is now on my case about making a Tinkerbell, something I have been a little hesistant about as I don't want to give her a Tinkerstein but I guess I will have to just give it my best!

If you haven't already, but you'd like to check out my Beginner Sewer Tips make sure you click above or just right here :) I've had to neglect my sewing machine lately, which has made me quite sad, but since discovering a very passionate online community of advid sewers.. I'm throwing myself back into the world of buttons, thread and WHY DOESN'T MY THING LOOK LIKE THE PICTURE?!?

I love making whacky things and am always getting inspired by Lily's drawings, so I think very soon I will attempt to bring one of her drawings to life.. at least with some fabric and thread anyway :)

If you'd love to keep up with my sewing adventures let me know, I definitely don't mind sharing the lows and highs of it :) I also highly recommend if you're into the sewing scene to check out your local op shop (if you don't already) I picked up two amazing Learn to Sew type books for 50 cents! There's so much information in these books!! And I love the volunteers down at my local store so I can never just not go in (sorry hubby haha) 

Now to schedule some Mummy wants to sew time, with the family's co operation and we'll be on our way to the streets of Paris in no time ;).... or not.

Until Next Time,


  1. Oh, my daughter (Peppa Pig addict) would love this! Thanks for sharing -- may have to schedule in some sewing time myself :-)

  2. Peppa Pig is definitely a favourite :) I'm in need of some more fabric, after spotting some projects on Pinterest then I'll be back to it :)x



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