Monday, September 30, 2013

Organised Outfits For The Week

This type of organised clothes system is usually recommended for helping children get better organised with their closet, however I think this system might just be what I need so I'm giving it a dedicated trial.

Given the fact I had just finished washing, drying, folding and finally putting away off all the laundry in the house, these outfits were ALOT easier to put together :) 

I had also just organised my Filofax (hey, Sunday is a productive day with the help of coffee) so I knew exactly what my upcoming week was going to be like and when I would need to dress a little less ... casual.

I will one day have all wooden coat hangers, until then it's pink and black theme for me!

Co-ordinating a dash or two of red 

This is what I came up with:

Monday: General house clean/ tidy and possibly a visit to the park- so it's going to be a very casual day

Tuesday: Again, a very general day possibly going for a walk- another casual day

Wednesday: Grocery Shopping, still casual but I want to look a little less.. comfy in house clothes

Thursday: Work BBQ function with a few families. This is a day where I will definitely be more conscious of how my overall attire comes together, even though it's a casual BBQ, it's not lay on the couch at home casual.. or so I believe

Friday: I have an all day appointment and don't want to be uncomfortable in what I'm wearing so, something casual but not too home body is required.

Saturday: I am going to need to rest from my Friday appointment so a light, flow-y summer dress will be great paired with some gladiator sandals (should the occasion to leave the house arise)

Sunday: Probably still require a flow-y dress to get me through the day

Next Monday I will check back in with you all and let you know how this 'system' panned out for me. I am really hoping to keep something like this afloat, so fingers are crossed!

Until Next Time,

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