Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Filofax, Furless and the Flu.

Sorry if the title of this post seems quite odd, but that's simply a round up of what's been happening most recently in my life :) 

Here, let me explain.

Since battling numerous problems with my body for the month of August (read about that here) I thought it was time to get back into the swing of things, and nothing lifts my spirits quicker than my house being clean AND organised. So I jumped on the computer (not literally, of course) and had a look at some of my favourite organisation blogs to drool over how awesome their houses must be and see how they've been. 

That's when I came across the IG #planneraddictsphotochallenge on ABFOL. So I decided to join up, and follow along :) Baby steps back into the realm of organisation, one Instagram pic at a time. Of course, being about my planner, I started paying extra attention to my A5 Finsbury (which I chose to use for this IG challenge) and sadly noticed an issue with it that I really hadn't picked up before :(

The top ring isn't closing properly, and it's enough that the paper when I turn a page is getting caught. This isn't a bashing post on the brand Filofax though, and I have already prior writing this post, contacted the company through which I bought the Filofax. I have been SO careful with opening and shutting the rings correctly, which just makes the whole situation a little more... blehh!

I'm simply waiting to hear back from the online store from which I bought the Filofax, and hopefully the problem can get resolved and quickly. However, let's talk positive weekly experience!

Check out my amazing Furless Cosmetics Brushes I received yesterday!! I am not a Beauty Guru or anything close, but I am thinking of doing an everyday make up look with these brushes so I can do a first impressions review for you all. They are *high pitch voice* beeeaaauuuutttifullllll!! 

This may sound soooo strange, but they smell nice too! I don't know what I thought they'd smell like, or why I smelled them haha but they're nice!

If you're interested in cruelty free and vegan cosmetic products then please give Furless Cosmetics a look up, after you finish reading this post of course ;) I don't have a huge budget for cosmetics so I love finding great, quality bargains. I will be talking more about these brushes, and my makeup organisation later this week :) 

If you'd like to keep up with the blog, but aren't already a member than be sure to follow via Bloglovin or GoogleFriend Connect :) it's free I promise ;) and you may find we have something in common.. like reading blogs... or a love of chocolate.. and coffee... mmmm, coffee....

Until Next Time,


  1. Will check out those brushes! I do love my Ecotools foundation brush, but was quite disappointed with the Manicare set. Still hunting around for a powder blush at the moment.

  2. The correct way to open and close the rings being like this?




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