Friday, September 20, 2013

5 Ways I'm Saving Money

My last blog post, I shared with you all 15 things that I purchase, that I probably shouldn't. This post I wanted to talk about 5 ways I'm starting to save money. I've listed both regular and irregular expenses, some expenses are just ones that have to stick around, but there are others that can be eliminated, or in my case, cut back a lot.


BOOM huge flash shot of my face. You're welcome 

Two Words: DIY Beauty.
I have cut Luke's hair since we first started dating, I even blogged about it here.
I also have in the past cut Lily's and my own hair, which as you can imagine has saved us a LOT of money!
I pluck my own eyebrows
I use gradual tanner when I'm feeling a bit too pasty
and I give myself hair makeovers, when I'm feeling too bored (click here)

YouTube has been a great teacher for a few of the above things mentioned!


Two valuable words: Meal Planning. 

If you really want/ need some help in this area, here's one more word: Pinterest. Just type in: Meal Planning. 

I always pack Luke's work lunches so that eliminates a pie van or anything similar, and if he wants a soft drink for work, we'll generally buy our own bulk pack, stick some in the fridge and it works out far cheaper than him purchasing drinks at work.

I always pack his lunches the night before, and include leftovers in an extra container. That way there's no sorry I forgot your lunch type incident.

I have a few different boards on Pinterest for meal planning, fridge/ freezer organisation if you want to check them out :)


In our current situation we can't be a one car household, but we are definitely looking into that option, should our circumstances change next year. For now, I use the Fuel Discount section on my grocery receipts at our local petrol station.

I also try to minimise our long trips, and make them more functional. I keep a list of things we're running low on, or maybe the kids need new shoes etc. Then, when we go out for a big shopping trip I can grab what I need there.

Grocery Shopping

I have a list of our staple items that we eat/ use in our house. The majority of these staple items I buy in bulk. I always write a grocery list with the price of each item next to it. If I'm not sure how much an item might be, I quickly go onto the stores online website and check.

Preparation prior to entering the shop saves me a huge amount at the end.

Be sensible about bulk buying of course. It can be a large up front cost, but it also can save you lots of $$


We currently have Foxtel (pay TV)  but it's really only for our daughter to watch the morning cartoons on, and even then that's not every day. So we're going to be eliminating that. We every now and then hiring out some movies, buying some popcorn and having movie night. Much, much cheaper than going to the actual movies and it's still an awesome time.

Don't get me wrong, I do love to get out of the house (cabin fever anyone?)

We live near a park, so when the days start warming up, the kiddies and I will be off exploring.

Hope you're all having an amazing week!

Until next Time!

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