Wednesday, September 18, 2013

15 Things I Spend Money On (that I probably shouldn't)

15 Things I Spend Money On (that I probably shouldn't)

I'm sure we all have this list in our head somewhere. And today, I'd like to share with you my own.

Luke (hubby to be) and I have both very recently agreed that as of next month we will be giving ourselves a set allowance of $30 each. That really got me thinking as to what I spend money on currently, even if it's just a sometimes item, that I probably shouldn't be buying.
  1.  Energy Drinks- this is a rare purchase these days, but still a very unhealthy and expensive one
  2. Soft Drinks- again, not healthy and quickly becomes expensive (even if every now and then)
  3. Bakery Food- How terrible does my diet sound right now? This is again an every now and then treat, but it's still something I'd rather not be spending on
  4. Foundation (makeup): I own around 4 different brands of foundation, as I've been on a quest to find that actually matches my skin shade. I don't wear foundation every day either.
  5. Fabric I would love to do a fabric swap perhaps, I love new fabric far too much.
  6. Nail Polish. I have enough. Enough said
  7. Hair care products. I have so many products, mainly from Glossybox's that I really don't need to purchase any more for around a year or more!
  8. Wallets. Especially since I only just got a brand new one!
  9. Handbags. See point 8
  10. Filofaxes. I love keeping organised, and I love seeing others passionate about their collection of Filofax but... it's an expensive hobby and I already have 3. 
  11. Eyeliner. I have enough black eye liner to write a small novel.. maybe 2
  12. Chocolate. It's definitely my favourite go to treat
  13. Random Online Cheap Stationary.  I am a sucker for cute stationary.
  14. Makeup Brushes- I have one face, I don't need anymore brushes!
  15. SkinCare items: I have too many samples hogging space in my bathroom drawer.

Do you have a list of your own? I'd love to hear it, maybe you've got a few things in common with my list?

Until Next Time,

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