Monday, September 30, 2013

Organised Outfits For The Week

This type of organised clothes system is usually recommended for helping children get better organised with their closet, however I think this system might just be what I need so I'm giving it a dedicated trial.

Given the fact I had just finished washing, drying, folding and finally putting away off all the laundry in the house, these outfits were ALOT easier to put together :) 

I had also just organised my Filofax (hey, Sunday is a productive day with the help of coffee) so I knew exactly what my upcoming week was going to be like and when I would need to dress a little less ... casual.

I will one day have all wooden coat hangers, until then it's pink and black theme for me!

Co-ordinating a dash or two of red 

This is what I came up with:

Monday: General house clean/ tidy and possibly a visit to the park- so it's going to be a very casual day

Tuesday: Again, a very general day possibly going for a walk- another casual day

Wednesday: Grocery Shopping, still casual but I want to look a little less.. comfy in house clothes

Thursday: Work BBQ function with a few families. This is a day where I will definitely be more conscious of how my overall attire comes together, even though it's a casual BBQ, it's not lay on the couch at home casual.. or so I believe

Friday: I have an all day appointment and don't want to be uncomfortable in what I'm wearing so, something casual but not too home body is required.

Saturday: I am going to need to rest from my Friday appointment so a light, flow-y summer dress will be great paired with some gladiator sandals (should the occasion to leave the house arise)

Sunday: Probably still require a flow-y dress to get me through the day

Next Monday I will check back in with you all and let you know how this 'system' panned out for me. I am really hoping to keep something like this afloat, so fingers are crossed!

Until Next Time,

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sewing Station Tour (Update!)

I've just recently updated my sewing station (thanks to the help of Mr. Muscles aka Hubby to be) and wanted to share with you all some of the new changes and the layout. I share my sewing space with my hubby to be, my office desk and the kids playroom so this large room is definitely well utilised!

I love my little corner of the house and hope you do to!

Click here to see my previous sewing station tour. Or keep reading below to see my new layout!

I purchased an ironing board finally! 

It's a vast difference compared to my previous layout!

When I first started sewing I wasn't sure how 'dedicated' I could/ would be to this new found passion, however 5 months into it I am making boxed pouches, flat pouches, dust covers for my sewing machine etc and the list of projects I want to try is always growing! 

So updating my little slice of the house was a very welcomed change :)

I try to utilise every spare bit of space I can on my desk.

Here's how I set it all up currently:

- I store my buttons in old coffee jars
- I store zippers in an old flour jar
- I use 3 dollar store bought plastic trays to organise my fabric
- I cut out squares of cardboard, and wrap my fabric around these to keep them neat
- I use an old printer paper box to store my larger cuts of fabric, iron-on interfacing and scrap strips.
- I re-use formula containers (after washing them completely and drying them out) to store my stuffing for dolls, toys etc.

Use what you have! Get creative! Doing so frees up $$ to buy other, much more needed items such as an iron and a pretty ironing board cover ;)

Hope you're all having a great week! Happy Sewing :)

Until Next time,

Friday, September 20, 2013

5 Ways I'm Saving Money

My last blog post, I shared with you all 15 things that I purchase, that I probably shouldn't. This post I wanted to talk about 5 ways I'm starting to save money. I've listed both regular and irregular expenses, some expenses are just ones that have to stick around, but there are others that can be eliminated, or in my case, cut back a lot.


BOOM huge flash shot of my face. You're welcome 

Two Words: DIY Beauty.
I have cut Luke's hair since we first started dating, I even blogged about it here.
I also have in the past cut Lily's and my own hair, which as you can imagine has saved us a LOT of money!
I pluck my own eyebrows
I use gradual tanner when I'm feeling a bit too pasty
and I give myself hair makeovers, when I'm feeling too bored (click here)

YouTube has been a great teacher for a few of the above things mentioned!


Two valuable words: Meal Planning. 

If you really want/ need some help in this area, here's one more word: Pinterest. Just type in: Meal Planning. 

I always pack Luke's work lunches so that eliminates a pie van or anything similar, and if he wants a soft drink for work, we'll generally buy our own bulk pack, stick some in the fridge and it works out far cheaper than him purchasing drinks at work.

I always pack his lunches the night before, and include leftovers in an extra container. That way there's no sorry I forgot your lunch type incident.

I have a few different boards on Pinterest for meal planning, fridge/ freezer organisation if you want to check them out :)


In our current situation we can't be a one car household, but we are definitely looking into that option, should our circumstances change next year. For now, I use the Fuel Discount section on my grocery receipts at our local petrol station.

I also try to minimise our long trips, and make them more functional. I keep a list of things we're running low on, or maybe the kids need new shoes etc. Then, when we go out for a big shopping trip I can grab what I need there.

Grocery Shopping

I have a list of our staple items that we eat/ use in our house. The majority of these staple items I buy in bulk. I always write a grocery list with the price of each item next to it. If I'm not sure how much an item might be, I quickly go onto the stores online website and check.

Preparation prior to entering the shop saves me a huge amount at the end.

Be sensible about bulk buying of course. It can be a large up front cost, but it also can save you lots of $$


We currently have Foxtel (pay TV)  but it's really only for our daughter to watch the morning cartoons on, and even then that's not every day. So we're going to be eliminating that. We every now and then hiring out some movies, buying some popcorn and having movie night. Much, much cheaper than going to the actual movies and it's still an awesome time.

Don't get me wrong, I do love to get out of the house (cabin fever anyone?)

We live near a park, so when the days start warming up, the kiddies and I will be off exploring.

Hope you're all having an amazing week!

Until next Time!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

15 Things I Spend Money On (that I probably shouldn't)

15 Things I Spend Money On (that I probably shouldn't)

I'm sure we all have this list in our head somewhere. And today, I'd like to share with you my own.

Luke (hubby to be) and I have both very recently agreed that as of next month we will be giving ourselves a set allowance of $30 each. That really got me thinking as to what I spend money on currently, even if it's just a sometimes item, that I probably shouldn't be buying.
  1.  Energy Drinks- this is a rare purchase these days, but still a very unhealthy and expensive one
  2. Soft Drinks- again, not healthy and quickly becomes expensive (even if every now and then)
  3. Bakery Food- How terrible does my diet sound right now? This is again an every now and then treat, but it's still something I'd rather not be spending on
  4. Foundation (makeup): I own around 4 different brands of foundation, as I've been on a quest to find that actually matches my skin shade. I don't wear foundation every day either.
  5. Fabric I would love to do a fabric swap perhaps, I love new fabric far too much.
  6. Nail Polish. I have enough. Enough said
  7. Hair care products. I have so many products, mainly from Glossybox's that I really don't need to purchase any more for around a year or more!
  8. Wallets. Especially since I only just got a brand new one!
  9. Handbags. See point 8
  10. Filofaxes. I love keeping organised, and I love seeing others passionate about their collection of Filofax but... it's an expensive hobby and I already have 3. 
  11. Eyeliner. I have enough black eye liner to write a small novel.. maybe 2
  12. Chocolate. It's definitely my favourite go to treat
  13. Random Online Cheap Stationary.  I am a sucker for cute stationary.
  14. Makeup Brushes- I have one face, I don't need anymore brushes!
  15. SkinCare items: I have too many samples hogging space in my bathroom drawer.

Do you have a list of your own? I'd love to hear it, maybe you've got a few things in common with my list?

Until Next Time,

Monday, September 16, 2013

Spending and Saving!

 This week we actually did something we don't usually do very often, we spoilt ourselves. I'm happy to say we don't have any credit cards, so there was no extra debt by the end of this week! Everything we have purchased was on sale, from the zippers I purchased at my local thrift store, to my new handbag and wallet! All on sale. 

Two words: Bargain. Hunters.

Tuesday 10th: I'm currently taking part in ABFOL's September PlannerAddicts IG Challenge. My IG name is: FabricandPaper if you want to check out more of my Filofax piccies :) This has really made me focus on my planners and how I set them up. I'll be sharing a more in depth look at my planners this week :)

Wednesday 11th: Finished my first ever quilted zipper bag! There are SO many amazing and FREE sewing tutorials out there. Especially via Pinterest.

Friday 13th: Finished off my last zipper pouch for the week (the blue/brown one on the right)  I don't want to get too comfortable doing the same technique over and over so I have been looking at a few different pouch tutorials online and trialling them out. I can't wait to make some more though and gift them to friends and family!

Saturday 14th: I was a bit spoilt and got a new Guess handbag and wallet! (both on sale of course) We also stopped in at our nearest Spotlight as they were celebrating their 40th Birthday, so I was able to pick up some much needed/ wanted supplies.

I hope I'm not the only one, but I love changing over my handbags and wallets! Even if it's not to a newer one, there's something very.. fresh start about it to me.
Sunday 15th: After trawling Pinterest for 1/2 a day I decided I really wanted to make my own dust cover for my sewing machine. Using the fabric I snapped up at Spotlight, I made the above cover. I'm quite happy with how it turned out, I used the plastic cover that the machine originally came with as my template, I just wish Luke was a bit more excited about it haha.

So yes, this past week there has been spending and savings made! I'm still up keeping our budget of course, especially with our upcoming wedding only a few weeks away! Later this week I'll be sharing an updated look at my budget planner too :)

How was your week? Hope you're all having a great start to this one!

Until next time,

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sewing Weekend!

I suddenly felt rather inspired this past weekend to get back to my sewing, and since I've been feeling rather average in the inspiration department lately, this has been a very welcomed change! On to Pinterest I went, and after about 2 minutes had close to 20 things I wanted to make.. I knew that I wanted to make simple things to start off with, and I have been wanting a little more organisation within my purse so here's what I came up with.

I must warn you that this post is a little on the picture heavy side.

Just this weekend alone, I have made:

- 4 assorted sized pouches (based off this tutorial)
- A tissue holder for my purse
- A travel nappy wallet (based off this tutorial)
- A button up clutch (based off this tutorial)

Pouches Galore!
I made the horse themed fabric pouch for my daughter Lily, and I'm sure I'll be making a few more very soon for family and friends ;)

I played around a lot with the tutorials I found/ loved, purely at the time because I didn't have the correct length zippers! All in all though, with a bit of my own personal touches to the tutorials, the end product felt more... me.

Took about 15 mins to make this simple little tissue holder

The colour is off in this picture, see the below pic for the accurate colours :)
The travel nappy wallet is the perfect fit in my handbag. If I quickly need to run an errand with Mr. 10 month old, I can rest assure they'll be a nappy and wipes... should an .. incident occur. 

and... two seconds later, Mr.10 month old came to help
And this is what it all looks like in my handbag! 

It's not heavy, just very organised, which if you ask hubby to be, he'll tell you that suits me just fine :)

No Bulk, and now I have a special place for everything :)

This sewing weekend wasn't without its injury I'm afraid, whilst I was trying to maintain a perfectly straight seam along my button up clutch, I unfortunately had my finger too close to the needle and... OUCH, managed to give myself a nasty cut. All in all though, a productive sewing weekend :)

So that was my sewing weekend! Fun, fantastic and tiring! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! 

Until Next Time,

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wedding Planning on a Budget pt4

Big Wedding Plan Changes!

It has been quite some time since I last updated you all on Luke and I's Wedding Plans, and whilst I am usually bursting to tell you all the latest on our journey to being Husband and Wife, this time I was quite hesitant to share an update, as I am still trying to reach a few family and friends also to let them know. 

For a number of reasons, Luke and I have changed our entire Wedding Plans. 

Lisa Hayman Photography Folks! 

The Date & Location:

Luke and I have decided to opt for a smaller, more intimate wedding.
This suits us much better than our original plans and all our close family and friends who know us and our situation have agreed, that this decision will be the best for us. 

Due to this decision however, some family and friends who are very dear to me, will not be able to attend and so with this decision has also come sadness, however again, everyone has been very loving and supportive towards our new Wedding plans. 

We did/ still do expect our guest numbers to drop, given the decision to move our wedding forward by 3 months, it is a lot to ask of people and for that reason we really did/ do not expect many people to be able to attend.

Engagement Photos:

Whilst down in Victoria (our original state for the Wedding) we met up with our Photographer Lisa, whom we had booked to do our Wedding photos but sadly will no longer be needing due to the changing of our circumstance, we were lucky enough however, to still be able to go ahead and get some amazing engagement photos taken, and I am so grateful to Lisa (link here) for this opportunity!

Apart from the occasional iPhone picture I take of us, Luke and I don't really have any great photos of us two (professionally taken) so this was an amazing thing to get done. Especially to look back on in 10 years and say Wow Natasha, go get a haircut already! ;)

What Next?

Apart from the 'loose ends' of Wedding Planning such as my shoes (opting for flats!) and picking wedding hair and makeup styles (thanks Google and Pinterest!) we/ I am just about done and dusted. 

I hope you're all having an amazing week, and if you're getting married soon, I hope it's all going beautifully for you!!

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sewing Adventures: Pigs and Robots!

Now that i'm teaching myself to sew (slowly, but passionately) I have rediscovered my love of thrift stores, largely to the inexpensive fabric and array of zippers and buttons I can get for not much more then a handful of change! Strongly recommend thrift store shopping!

I did the very generic Home Economics sewing lessons in High school but never felt super passionate towards sewing on any level, in fact I remember pricking my finger and thinking why do people do this to themselves? 

It was only after becoming a mumma and discovering.. Pinterest! of all things, that made me really want to get back into the realm of fabric and cotton and give it another try.

To date I have made my niece a Peppa Pig doll, and our son a 'Scrap Fabric' Robot named... Scrap. I love it! Our daughter is now on my case about making a Tinkerbell, something I have been a little hesistant about as I don't want to give her a Tinkerstein but I guess I will have to just give it my best!

If you haven't already, but you'd like to check out my Beginner Sewer Tips make sure you click above or just right here :) I've had to neglect my sewing machine lately, which has made me quite sad, but since discovering a very passionate online community of advid sewers.. I'm throwing myself back into the world of buttons, thread and WHY DOESN'T MY THING LOOK LIKE THE PICTURE?!?

I love making whacky things and am always getting inspired by Lily's drawings, so I think very soon I will attempt to bring one of her drawings to life.. at least with some fabric and thread anyway :)

If you'd love to keep up with my sewing adventures let me know, I definitely don't mind sharing the lows and highs of it :) I also highly recommend if you're into the sewing scene to check out your local op shop (if you don't already) I picked up two amazing Learn to Sew type books for 50 cents! There's so much information in these books!! And I love the volunteers down at my local store so I can never just not go in (sorry hubby haha) 

Now to schedule some Mummy wants to sew time, with the family's co operation and we'll be on our way to the streets of Paris in no time ;).... or not.

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Filofax, Furless and the Flu.

Sorry if the title of this post seems quite odd, but that's simply a round up of what's been happening most recently in my life :) 

Here, let me explain.

Since battling numerous problems with my body for the month of August (read about that here) I thought it was time to get back into the swing of things, and nothing lifts my spirits quicker than my house being clean AND organised. So I jumped on the computer (not literally, of course) and had a look at some of my favourite organisation blogs to drool over how awesome their houses must be and see how they've been. 

That's when I came across the IG #planneraddictsphotochallenge on ABFOL. So I decided to join up, and follow along :) Baby steps back into the realm of organisation, one Instagram pic at a time. Of course, being about my planner, I started paying extra attention to my A5 Finsbury (which I chose to use for this IG challenge) and sadly noticed an issue with it that I really hadn't picked up before :(

The top ring isn't closing properly, and it's enough that the paper when I turn a page is getting caught. This isn't a bashing post on the brand Filofax though, and I have already prior writing this post, contacted the company through which I bought the Filofax. I have been SO careful with opening and shutting the rings correctly, which just makes the whole situation a little more... blehh!

I'm simply waiting to hear back from the online store from which I bought the Filofax, and hopefully the problem can get resolved and quickly. However, let's talk positive weekly experience!

Check out my amazing Furless Cosmetics Brushes I received yesterday!! I am not a Beauty Guru or anything close, but I am thinking of doing an everyday make up look with these brushes so I can do a first impressions review for you all. They are *high pitch voice* beeeaaauuuutttifullllll!! 

This may sound soooo strange, but they smell nice too! I don't know what I thought they'd smell like, or why I smelled them haha but they're nice!

If you're interested in cruelty free and vegan cosmetic products then please give Furless Cosmetics a look up, after you finish reading this post of course ;) I don't have a huge budget for cosmetics so I love finding great, quality bargains. I will be talking more about these brushes, and my makeup organisation later this week :) 

If you'd like to keep up with the blog, but aren't already a member than be sure to follow via Bloglovin or GoogleFriend Connect :) it's free I promise ;) and you may find we have something in common.. like reading blogs... or a love of chocolate.. and coffee... mmmm, coffee....

Until Next Time,


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