Monday, August 26, 2013

Ears, Eyes, Nose and Mouth!

Hi All!

August really has NOT been my month of good luck or fortune, so whilst I am recovering post- wisdom tooth being removed, I wanted to share with you all some of what's been going on:

- 4 weeks of the flu virus
- Blocked/ irritated sinus
- Impacted top wisdom teeth
- Blocked right ear (and more recently, also my left)
- lastly, and probably the most irritating... Conjunctivitis, which both the kiddies had also.

It felt as bad as it looked!

Road tripping 12 hours in the car to Victoria actually wasn't too bad!

Lisa Hayman Photography! If you're in Victoria (Gippsland area) make sure you check her out! She's amazing!!

We also went away in August for Luke's Pop's 80th Birthday, and also Luke and I had family portraits and our engagement shoot done a day after that, so August has been hectic! 'Luckily' the kids and I got conjunctivitis after we got back from Victoria so the Family/ Engagement Portraits from what I've seen so far look amazing!!

Had an amazing time at Luke's Pop's 80th! Even if I did feel very meh, bleh and geh!
I've never in my life been on more antibiotics than I have this month, and keeping up with the cost and remembering when I've taken one, how much I need to take, has been a small job in itself! I'm using my Filofax to keep track of the times I'm taking the medication (and what particular medication that is!)

I'm happy to report though, I had my top left wisdom tooth removed yesterday (25/08/2013) and whilst I'm still feeling quite tender, I have been prescribed some amazing pain relief so I'm feeling alright ;) Once my wisdom tooth was removed, I noticed my left ear went back to normal hearing and my sinus has unblocked itself. A whole month of feeling depressed and miserable and a day later from the 'operation' I am feeling 40% better already!

 I'm not sure what's more painful though, the cost of having a wisdom tooth removed, or actually laying in that chair getting your wisdom tooth removed.

I'm sure Luke would say the cost hurts more haha!

I hope you're all in good health! And whilst the next couple of days I may be recovering from everything still, I am hoping to update you on a regular basis once more!

Until Next Time,


  1. Hey there! You are very kind, thank you! I am so bummed to hear you've been sick with teeth AND conjunctivitis - urgh! Hope you are on the mend and feeling better soon x

    1. Hi Stranger ;) I am feeling so much better now, thankfully :) It was quite rotten luck to have everything at once but fingers crossed I'm onto good luck now :) x

  2. Get better soon! They said to me after having all four wisdom teeth removed that the pain spikes up on the third day after. I didn't believe it but its true. Just try and rest up then :)

    1. Thank you Jasmine for your kind words :) I was very fortunate to receive some amazing pain killers and antibiotics the same day as my wisdom tooth removal, so this experience wasn't a horrific one :) x



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