Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Juggling 3 Planners

Hi All!

This post was meant to go up on Monday, so I'm really not sure what happened but it was deleted and I do apologise for the delay!

After about a fortnights break from blogging, I am back! It was a hectic fortnight and one that saw me have a meltdown in regards to how many planners I was using at once, and just how ineffective my organisation was becoming.

I wanted to share with you all, as I am sure I'm not alone in 'multi-tasking' with the planners, how I was using my 3 planners and why ultimately I came undone. Please note, you may be currently using multiple planners and find it much easier than I did, I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying I found it hectic and ineffective for myself.

Filofax Domino: Personal Size - Used as Family Budget Planner

Back only a few months ago, our finances were a lot more hectic. We had a lot more debt and bills to include in our budget, so having an organiser completely set aside for our budget worked great. 

That is until our finances became a lot simpler over the last few weeks and I now find it much easier, to use a designated section in my A5 Finsbury for our budget, income dates and automatic expenses. I do love a good Excel Spreadsheet though and keep an updated version of our budget on my computer for reference. As for my Filofax Domino? At the moment, it's currently a 'spare' organiser, awaiting duty.

Filofax Finsbury: A5 Size - Used as Family Planner, portable version

Straight away I didn't see this idea working out long term, I knew I really wanted to keep my Personal Finsbury, but at the same time I didn't want to see it catching dust in a drawer. I started out writing everything that I put in my A5 Filofax, also into the personal but it was too much work and effort in the long term for myself. I need things that are simple and effective, so I had a good hard look at what exactly I'd like to be more organised with (apart from home/ family) and I realised.. I need to organsise myself more.

Waxing, haircuts, buying medication, new contact lenses.. all of this stuff that I need from time to time, and I'd rather not include everything into our family organiser so this works out great! And obvioulsy the more organised I am, the better organised our whole family will be :) So far this is working amazingly!!

Finsbury: A5 Size - Used as a Family Management Organiser

If you follow me on Instagram then you'd know when about it was that I got this heart melter (yes, I'm talking about my Filofax.) My lovely Fiancé bought this for me as a gift, and ever since I have been using this Antique Rose coloured A5 to keep everyone in my household on top of everything.

I have found that simplicity is best when it comes to family management. I love a cutely laid out planner, but for my A5 I don't use a hint of Washi tape or Kawaii stickers. Those are left for my personal size. 

If you'd like to see how I organise my A5 Filofax, then feel free to leave me a comment below :) 
Make sure you're a member of this blog as I will be posting details to my Filofax Domino (in personal) Giveaway this Friday!

Feel free to share this on if you know a fellow Filofax lover. All details will be in Fridays post :)

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  1. I'm a sucker for organisation too (can't sleep until I put something in my calendar). For the last 3 years though, I've been quite happy with our spreadsheet. It took a lot of time for it to evolve into what it is now, though. For all other schedules (recurring or one-off), I tend to use my phone/ipad -- hubby and I share calendars in google/apple for the family tasks.

    As for finances, we recently decided to keep separate accounts for major subcategories (one account for weekly groceries, another for car expenses, education, medical expenses... you get the drift). It seems to be working for us and has the advantage of keeping our main account "clean" -- easier to see rental payments, utility bills, and income. We do intend to keep it that way for at least another year to make applying for a housing loan easier (hopefully).

  2. I've been really contemplating getting a Metropol Personal Filofax for the past three weeks or so and I'm chomping at the bit. I'm getting it to allow more structure in my life, hold me accountable for household things, and just to be more organized so I can be on top of things. I found your blog through Pinterest and I'm so glad I did! It's definitely helping me think more of how to organize mine. Hubby says I have to wait a little longer, financially (because as we know, it's an investment when you buy one of these!), and I am SO eager to get my hands on it and find places for my Martha Stewart stickers!



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