Friday, July 26, 2013

Filofax Domino Giveaway!! (CLOSED)

This is not a sponsored giveaway, this is me, having bought a Filofax Domino for one of you to win!!

**At this point due to the cost of postage, I am only able to open this giveaway to Australian residents only**


The Prize

A Personal sized Filofax Domino in the colour Violet!
It has a beautiful smooth leather look (PU) 

It's Features 

(as stated on packaging)

Elastic closure
Credit card packets
Full length pocket
Pen loop
6 ring mechanism 

Comes Complete with:

Week on two pages (2013 diary)
Ruler/Page marker
1 - 6 index
White ruled paper
A - Z Index
To Do
Top Opening Envelope
Quadrille notepad

How to enter

I wont torture you all with strenuious obstacles and what have you, all I ask is two things. 

  • You must be a member/ follower of this blog, either through Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin (both are easily accessible on the right side bar on the blog)
  • Then just leave me a comment on this post below, telling me why you would love to win this Domino :)

Competition Closes:

I will select a winner on the 10th of August and notify everyone of the winner the following Monday (August the 12th) via a blog post. I wish all who enter the best of luck, and once again wish to thank every one of you who are a member,  Australian resident or not for being a part of Skinny Budget :)

It does sadden me that I am currently unable to host this give-away worldwide however I am sure there will be an upcoming 'open to all' giveaway soon ;)

If you don't want/ need a Filofax Domino, maybe you know someone who might love it. Feel free to share this giveaway with fellow organiser lovers if you wish :)

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Juggling 3 Planners

Hi All!

This post was meant to go up on Monday, so I'm really not sure what happened but it was deleted and I do apologise for the delay!

After about a fortnights break from blogging, I am back! It was a hectic fortnight and one that saw me have a meltdown in regards to how many planners I was using at once, and just how ineffective my organisation was becoming.

I wanted to share with you all, as I am sure I'm not alone in 'multi-tasking' with the planners, how I was using my 3 planners and why ultimately I came undone. Please note, you may be currently using multiple planners and find it much easier than I did, I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying I found it hectic and ineffective for myself.

Filofax Domino: Personal Size - Used as Family Budget Planner

Back only a few months ago, our finances were a lot more hectic. We had a lot more debt and bills to include in our budget, so having an organiser completely set aside for our budget worked great. 

That is until our finances became a lot simpler over the last few weeks and I now find it much easier, to use a designated section in my A5 Finsbury for our budget, income dates and automatic expenses. I do love a good Excel Spreadsheet though and keep an updated version of our budget on my computer for reference. As for my Filofax Domino? At the moment, it's currently a 'spare' organiser, awaiting duty.

Filofax Finsbury: A5 Size - Used as Family Planner, portable version

Straight away I didn't see this idea working out long term, I knew I really wanted to keep my Personal Finsbury, but at the same time I didn't want to see it catching dust in a drawer. I started out writing everything that I put in my A5 Filofax, also into the personal but it was too much work and effort in the long term for myself. I need things that are simple and effective, so I had a good hard look at what exactly I'd like to be more organised with (apart from home/ family) and I realised.. I need to organsise myself more.

Waxing, haircuts, buying medication, new contact lenses.. all of this stuff that I need from time to time, and I'd rather not include everything into our family organiser so this works out great! And obvioulsy the more organised I am, the better organised our whole family will be :) So far this is working amazingly!!

Finsbury: A5 Size - Used as a Family Management Organiser

If you follow me on Instagram then you'd know when about it was that I got this heart melter (yes, I'm talking about my Filofax.) My lovely Fiancé bought this for me as a gift, and ever since I have been using this Antique Rose coloured A5 to keep everyone in my household on top of everything.

I have found that simplicity is best when it comes to family management. I love a cutely laid out planner, but for my A5 I don't use a hint of Washi tape or Kawaii stickers. Those are left for my personal size. 

If you'd like to see how I organise my A5 Filofax, then feel free to leave me a comment below :) 
Make sure you're a member of this blog as I will be posting details to my Filofax Domino (in personal) Giveaway this Friday!

Feel free to share this on if you know a fellow Filofax lover. All details will be in Fridays post :)

Until Next Time,

Monday, July 1, 2013

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish

LipStick Review

This is just a quick post to update you on my Lipstick collection. I picked up 3 Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipsticks a little while ago from my local Coles Supermarket, however only recently having been rocking the different shades on my lips.

They didn't have a whole lot of variety in regards to the colour selection at Coles, and I'm told there are only 7 shades available, so I tried to pick the most varying colours that I could. 

I love the packaging. It's quite sleek and aesthetically pleasing. The image below shoes the Rimmel Kate lipstick next to my Revlon. 

I tend to prefer no.5, it's a nice 'girly' colour but can easily be toned down and worn to a family get together without looking 'dolled up.' Each one of the 3 lipsticks is lightly scented. I'm not quite sure what it smells like, but theres definitely a different smell to your generic lipstick smell.

These aren't the best pictures, I do apologise. Hopefully you are still able to see the colour pigments. No.7 is also a lovely colour, and I think would suit my mum who has a darker skin tone then I do. It seems to look a little 'flat' on myself.

The picture below is after wearing No.7 for half an hour (and drinking my beloved coffee.)

No. 12 is quite a coral colour and the most stand out of the 3 I have reviewed IMO. I tend to avoid coral lipsticks lately and that's mainly because my skin is a lot more paler in winter so orange/ coral colours don't seem all that flattering to myself.

Overall the colour options at Coles were quite dispointing, however the lipsticks themselevs in regards to staying power were quite impressive. They certainly weren't the longest lasting lipsticks I have tried, however they held for over an hour before I noticed any smudging/ fading etc.

So that's my review (so far) on the Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Range. I would love to trial more colours from the range to see if I can possibly find that 'perfect' shade. 

Until Next Time,


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