Monday, June 17, 2013

Why Do I Wear Makeup?

I recently stumbled across an amazing blog called Sleep & Water, and read a really interesting tag post on Why Do I Wear Makeup? So I thought what better way to get to know each other (yes, you and I) a little then to complete this post tag.

When Did You Start Using Makeup?

I remember trialling a black eyeliner look when I was 15, no mascara, just black eyeliner. I rarely wore makeup in high school, unless it was the strawberry lipgloss from the Body Shop (which I still use) and some eyeliner on occasional days. I just didn't know anything about foundation, blush etc. and the idea of looking horrible because I had applied it wrong stayed with me until I was around 19 years old. Everything was very minimal in regards to makeup until around 21 when I gained more confidence in applying it.

What was the first makeup product you bought that you loved?

I don't know if lipgloss is really seen as makeup (although my mum would say it is) but I still love my BodyShop strawberry flavoured lip balm! That's probably such a boring answer, but it really is my favourite makeup item that I have bought.

What is your most used eyeshadow?

I find this question interesting as I don't really think I have ever had a favourite. I'm still on that 'search.' I recently did order however a palette that is almost exact to the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, I just loved the look of the colours. Anything that brings out my green eyes I really favour.

When did you begin loving makeup?

I'd definitely say this year has been a huge turning point for me with makeup. I have watched Kandee Johnson on YouTube for around 2-3 years and just her enthusiasm in regards to makeup, inspired me not to give up on trying to better my own skills. I love the environment of beauty bloggers/ YouTubers, it's generally such a positive environment that it's hard not to get inspired.

How do you feel without makeup?

I am very comfortable in my skin so I feel fine not wearing any makeup. If anything, I often feel less comfortable when I feel I am wearing too much makeup. I think this has to do with not wearing makeup during my teens (well, just the eyeliner and gloss.) When I'm wearing makeup, I don't aim to conceal everything about myself, it's generally just to highlight a feature of 2, so running errands with just some moisturiser on doesn't scare me. 

What do you like about makeup?

I like how it can make you feel. I remember when I went into a chemist and asked someone to help me find a shade of foundation for my skin when I was 20, I didn't have high hopes and thought I would probably walk out rather disappointed with an orange shade, but the lady who helped me matched my skin tone perfectly and showed me little tips on how I could transform from day to night with makeup. 

When I tried these tips at home, I still looked like me but it highlighted features I would never look twice at, and overall made me feel like a million + dollars.  I love that feeling that makeup can give to people. 

What are your must have 3 items?

Rimmel Match Perfection Blush,  Rimmel Eyebrow pencil/ brush & the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer.. wow go Rimmel huh?

Why do you wear makeup?

I like the different looks that wearing makeup helps me achieve. If I want to look a little glam for a date night, or just a little more polished during the week, then makeup lets me achieve this. Makeup removes insecurities for people and often helps them find confidence within themselves, they never realised they had. I wear makeup as a pick me up mostly, when I want to be a little more primed and polished, or even if I just want to explore with my makeup collection like a little girl being inquisitive. 

My eyebrows aren't as full as i'd love them to be, and makeup helps me accomplish a better look. It isn't always about wearing a full face of makeup, it could just be that lipstick makes you feel more like a lady, or your false eyelashes are what helps you face the day. Makeup helps me enhance me, and that's why I wear it.

I'm tagging anyone who is still reading! Whether you wear makeup daily, or just opt for a once a week type routine. I'd love to hear your responses :)

Until next time,

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  1. Great responses! Thanks for the sweet mention of my blog as well :) Looks like Rimmel has made a few products that have worked really well for you. I do want to try that concealer - I have the Wake Me Up foundation but I bought a shade too dark so I'm mixing it with lighter foundations at the moment, but I do like it! Reminds me a lot of Revlon PhotoReady foundation, which was one of the very first foundations I tried/wore/loved back when I was just getting into makeup. I agree that makeup is a means of being able to enhance what you have and make you feel better about yourself - but it's also good that you're super comfortable without makeup as well :)



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