Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's In My Bag

These type posts are always quite interesting to read I find, so I thought I would do an updated version as it's has been a while since my last 'What's In My Bag'

I like/ need to carry a large bag around as I have 2 young children and a Fiancé, who all often mistake my handbag as a never ending dumping pit. I recently upgraded my rather average sized red handbag to a 'dupe' Louis Vuitton Handbag. I'm not crazy, I have a 7 month old that loves to chew/ explore my handbags, with that in mind I wasn't even exploring the option of getting an expensive handbag.

  1. My Filofax Finsbury; I've blogged quite a bit about this gem. I carry her everywhere and always feel a bit more 'put together' when I have my little lists/ paper with me on the go.
  2. It wouldn't be a true dupe adventure with a matching LV wallet. I actually really love this wallet! It has 2 zips (another giveaway that it's a dupey) that make keeping receipts/ fuel vouchers/ cash organised and not so 'everywhere and crumply.'
  3. My Camera Case (I was using my camera to take the photos) I have a Canon IXUS in black :)
  4. I got this little zip wallet from an Op Shop for $1 a little while ago. It holds all my lip glosses and anti bacterial gel. It's handy keeping all of that stuff together, especially in a larger handbag.
  5. My Iphone 4S
  6. My calculator that I take with me everywhere. It's my little Grocery Shopping Companion :)
  7. I LOVE THIS!! Vaseline Healthy Hands- nail strengthening. I picked it up from my local Coles Supermarket for $3 and every time I apply it, I feel like I am wearing soft, silky gloves. Bliss!
  8. My Playboy 'play it sexy' spray. I needed a new body spray and this actually smells super good!
  9. I just wouldn't feel myself without my BodyShop strawberry lip balm. I've used this lip balm for 9 years (not this exact one of course ;)
  10. My car keys with a little keyring doll called Miwa that I bought for $9.95 when I was in Victoria (Australia) 
  11. This is my 'ladies time' case that I use to carry spare liners or pads in. It's cute and slips into the side pocket of my handbag perfectly.

If you've made it to the end and you're still reading then I tag you to do your own What's In My Bag post and link back to here :) 

Until Next Time

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