Monday, June 3, 2013

How I Organise My Filofax (1 Month Update)


It's been one month since I posted about my Finsbury Filofax, so I thought it'd be interesting to update you all on just how effective having a Filofax has been, keeping me organised, and how different (if any) the layout is, compared to what I started with.

Firstly, everything about my Filofax compared to my last post has been tweaked. I really paid attention to the things that were being left behind as they just weren't necessary for myself, and as a result have come up with a system, which I believe to be a very personalised, yet effective organisation system. 

The Size

I have the Finsbury in Personal size, which as you can see from the above picture, is roughly the size of my hand. This size suits me perfectly as I use it as a day planner/ life helper. No matter the size of the handbag I choose to wear for the day, this personal size fits perfectly. If I was using a Filofax as a Home Management Planner, this would be a different story and I would opt for the A5 size. 

What's Inside?!

 The first thing I see when I open my Filofax now, is a photograph of my family and I on our first 'family of 4' vacations to Sydney where we visited the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium (HIGHLY recommend visiting!) This photo makes me happy as it reminds me of the great holiday, so I thought it would be nice to have that happiness the first thing I feel upon opening my Filofax.

I had previously kept stickers (colour coded for each family member) in this top-open plastic slip, but found them a better home, still in the front, just off to the left hand side pocket.

I don't intend to keep my cards in the provided card slots, however for the now this is their home.

Inspiration/ Quotes

Behind the photo of my family and I is the Fly Leaf, this is where I stick my urgent 'to-do's' for the day.
After the fly leaf we are met with my Day Planner divider which I have decorated with some inspiration/ quotes; be happy for this moment, for this moment is your life. This definitely hits home for me as I often think ahead, forgetting the now. (I purchased these stickers and more on clearance from Kmart for $1.50) 

Using a piece of Washi Tape, I decorated a paper clip and placed it on the day that my mother is coming to visit/ meet our Son for the first time! It stands as a reminder that I have a few things to organise prior to her arrival, and really need to start getting them done.

The Neatness Factor

The weeks in my Filofax rarely look the same, sometimes I have the extra time to write neatly and even hole punch my weekly menu in. Other times I am without a decent nights sleep and still waiting for my coffee to take affect.. these days don't look as nice. I do aim to take time every morning and night however, to regroup my thoughts and see what the week ahead will be like.

 What wasn't working the most?

Some of my original tabs were too vague and others were not relevant to my own life, so they had to go. One tab that I knew I wanted to keep but needed to be less vague with was my Home tab.

Home- Having a home tab is great.. but what do I do with it?

For me I like clean and organised spaces, and when I think of the word 'clean' the word organised always goes with it so I created a Cleaning tab which goes through every day of the week, and shows me how to maintain my house, whilst running after my two children and being on top of the laundry.

Then I have my Routine tab, which for me as a parent is super important. I know our morning, lunch and night time routine back to front but I still like to have it there just to see that we are on track.

2 weeks ago I started paying more attention to what I ate/ drank. I got inspired from fellow Instagram-ers and started documenting the things I ate on my Instagram, not in a creepy way but more of a 'let's see how long I can eat healthy for' type thing (you can follow me here.) I got this image from my Cosmo Magazine, very stylish/ healthy so it fits ;)

My Advice: 

Make sure your Filofax is relevant to your needs. I'd suggest writing down areas that you really want to focus on/ need more help with, don't forget sub-categories. I find when you know exactly why you want to have a certain tab, the more you are going to go back to that tab. Make it your own. 

And of course, don't forget to Pin It if you have Pinterest, so you can inspire others!!

If you found this helpful/ interesting (or hopefully both!) please feel free to tweet it, Facebook it and of course .. Pin It.

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