Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Brother P-Touch 1010 Review

After walking back and forth from my fair share of label maker aisles, I decided enough was enough. This lady needed a labeller. Stat!

Welcome, the Brother P-Touch 1010! 
I picked this up from OfficeWorks during my stationery haul for a little change over $24. It's not just that it's pink, it's the compact size that really sold me (as well as the price) so I thought I'd do a quick review, and tell you what I love and not so much love about this Electronic Labeller who I have affectionately named: Peta.

What I love

- It's compact! It fits into my stationery draw with ease and doesn't take up a lot of space.

- This again is size related, but due to it not being so bulky I can take it with me just about everywhere 

- The colour. It's not a 'in your face' shade of pink, to me it's quite a soft shade and .. it's cute!

- It's quite easy to get the hang of, I was a little confused about doing symbols with it (a bit advanced even now) but the booklet it comes with is very easily understood.

What I'm not so inlove with

- the refills cost around the same as the machine itself. It's just like buying a printer that comes with free ink, or for the same price just one ink cartridge

- it requires 6 AAA batteries, which I didn't realise until the night I wanted to use it, then realised we didn't have any and had to buy some. Another cost (though they do sell a power cord for them apparently)

-when you're printing something, there is a bit of 'wastage label' that comes out prior to the actual text. Especially with the cost of a new roll of labels, I'd rather that piece of 'pre-label' be as minimal as possible.

So that's my quick review of the Brother P-Touch 1010

Do you have a labeller that you're crazy about? Or purchased one that was a total flop? I'd love to know in the comment section below :)

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Until Next Time,

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