Friday, June 14, 2013


Pack your bags! We're going on an adventure! 

If you've ever stopped for a moment and looked at my blog header, you may have noticed that it says keeping in style and staying on budget. Well, after two years of focusing largely on budgeting, I am now aiming more of my attention to the other side of my blog; style/beauty.

I will be going on a journey, putting myself in the line of bad self tanners and all sorts of other scary adventures, and I will be doing all of this, whilst sticking to my budget. 

Be honest, is this orange too orangey? ;)

I will venture into the terrifying, and often 'unspoken' of areas of beauty/ style. I will be honest in my reviews, upfront about what stings your eyes and what really is waterproof.

Will you join me?

I want this to be a relatable journey, so if I splurge on a product I'm going to be honest (and probably suffering buyers remorse.) Whether you're at Expert Beauty Level or like me and want to just.. broaden your knowledge/ skill level, then don't be afraid (if you haven't already) to follow SkinnyBudget on an adventure! 

Until Next Time,

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