Friday, June 28, 2013

Makeup Organisation

Getting the Acrylic Look on a Budget

I had been storing my entire makeup collection using 2 organisers I picked up from Target a while back. From the start I knew this would be a temporary setup as I wanted an acrylic drawer organiser, but was in no way ready to spend $60-100 on one. 

Then I saw an idea on Pinterest, to use File Organisers to store your makeup. It was inexpensive and looked just as organised. It was a really clever idea and one I never stopped thinking about it. Then I read a blog post about exactly that, using a file organiser as someones makeup organiser. So I had to give it a try. Whilst walking through OfficeWorks on the way to my stationery haul I spotted the Keji drawer storage system, as used by sleep and water. They were $14.99 so I scooped one up.  

I went ahead and labelled the drawers to make it easier when I'm in a rush (which I generally am these days) to find what I need. The overall organisation transformation was so inexpensive and I love the fact it's all there.

In the top drawer I can items relating to my eyes, however I have made the decision not to put my eyeliners and mascara in this drawer currently. I purchased 2 bubble-ish glasses from a Target Stock Clearance for $5 in total and am using the taller glass for my brushes and the shorter for misc. items such as eyeliners or lip pencils.

I think I may have to relocate my lipstick collection to a larger container though. I've been thinking about doing this ever since I noticed I now have 2-3 too many lippies for the container I am currently using.

I repurposed the box my Hilary Duff With Love perfume came in, and it now houses my entire perfume collection.

I've snuck my highlighter in with my blush and bronzers for now as I only have one. I'm loving my Rimmel Match Perfection Blush at the moment and seem to favor it for my everyday other day makeup look.

I aim to keep a good skincare routine, but I am very open to trying new products so this drawer can get a little full/ messy. 

This system has opened my eyes to the fact my makeup collection is expanding but is in no way a large collection. The deepest drawer (the 4th) is home to all my skincare products at the moment, as at current I don't house that much makeup to fill that drawer. 

I am sure my collection will continue to grow as I experiment and review other products. 

How do you store your makeup collection?

Until next time,

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's In My Bag

These type posts are always quite interesting to read I find, so I thought I would do an updated version as it's has been a while since my last 'What's In My Bag'

I like/ need to carry a large bag around as I have 2 young children and a Fiancé, who all often mistake my handbag as a never ending dumping pit. I recently upgraded my rather average sized red handbag to a 'dupe' Louis Vuitton Handbag. I'm not crazy, I have a 7 month old that loves to chew/ explore my handbags, with that in mind I wasn't even exploring the option of getting an expensive handbag.

  1. My Filofax Finsbury; I've blogged quite a bit about this gem. I carry her everywhere and always feel a bit more 'put together' when I have my little lists/ paper with me on the go.
  2. It wouldn't be a true dupe adventure with a matching LV wallet. I actually really love this wallet! It has 2 zips (another giveaway that it's a dupey) that make keeping receipts/ fuel vouchers/ cash organised and not so 'everywhere and crumply.'
  3. My Camera Case (I was using my camera to take the photos) I have a Canon IXUS in black :)
  4. I got this little zip wallet from an Op Shop for $1 a little while ago. It holds all my lip glosses and anti bacterial gel. It's handy keeping all of that stuff together, especially in a larger handbag.
  5. My Iphone 4S
  6. My calculator that I take with me everywhere. It's my little Grocery Shopping Companion :)
  7. I LOVE THIS!! Vaseline Healthy Hands- nail strengthening. I picked it up from my local Coles Supermarket for $3 and every time I apply it, I feel like I am wearing soft, silky gloves. Bliss!
  8. My Playboy 'play it sexy' spray. I needed a new body spray and this actually smells super good!
  9. I just wouldn't feel myself without my BodyShop strawberry lip balm. I've used this lip balm for 9 years (not this exact one of course ;)
  10. My car keys with a little keyring doll called Miwa that I bought for $9.95 when I was in Victoria (Australia) 
  11. This is my 'ladies time' case that I use to carry spare liners or pads in. It's cute and slips into the side pocket of my handbag perfectly.

If you've made it to the end and you're still reading then I tag you to do your own What's In My Bag post and link back to here :) 

Until Next Time

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Brother P-Touch 1010 Review

After walking back and forth from my fair share of label maker aisles, I decided enough was enough. This lady needed a labeller. Stat!

Welcome, the Brother P-Touch 1010! 
I picked this up from OfficeWorks during my stationery haul for a little change over $24. It's not just that it's pink, it's the compact size that really sold me (as well as the price) so I thought I'd do a quick review, and tell you what I love and not so much love about this Electronic Labeller who I have affectionately named: Peta.

What I love

- It's compact! It fits into my stationery draw with ease and doesn't take up a lot of space.

- This again is size related, but due to it not being so bulky I can take it with me just about everywhere 

- The colour. It's not a 'in your face' shade of pink, to me it's quite a soft shade and .. it's cute!

- It's quite easy to get the hang of, I was a little confused about doing symbols with it (a bit advanced even now) but the booklet it comes with is very easily understood.

What I'm not so inlove with

- the refills cost around the same as the machine itself. It's just like buying a printer that comes with free ink, or for the same price just one ink cartridge

- it requires 6 AAA batteries, which I didn't realise until the night I wanted to use it, then realised we didn't have any and had to buy some. Another cost (though they do sell a power cord for them apparently)

-when you're printing something, there is a bit of 'wastage label' that comes out prior to the actual text. Especially with the cost of a new roll of labels, I'd rather that piece of 'pre-label' be as minimal as possible.

So that's my quick review of the Brother P-Touch 1010

Do you have a labeller that you're crazy about? Or purchased one that was a total flop? I'd love to know in the comment section below :)

If you'd love to be the owner of a Filofax Domino (in Personal Size) Organiser, make sure you're a member of this blog to be in the running :)

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fail Makeup Shoot

I was trialling out my new 'dupe' Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 Eyeshadows to see how they'd fair up with night time photography (more in particular a flash) and that's when things got a little crazy.

I'm not very good at taking myself seriously. I always feel like a strange pickle when I'm trying to take 'cute' photos, and have a tendency to give up/ make fun of myself... and get ONE good shot out of the bunch on a very good hair day. So I thought I'd share some of my 'behind the scenes' with you.

This 'face' makes an appearance at the start or the very end of my 'photo shoot.'  It says.. LOOK AT THESE LIPS... All smooshed up... I'm either trying to 'get into the zone' or am so far out of the zone I am just done for today.

Below is my natural smile. A rare species the 'natural smile' and the reason I am smiling like so? My 7 month old son was sitting on my lap at the time, talking to my concealer wand whilst bashing my lipstick on my desk... while I tried to take a half normal photo.

He is very adorable, I must say.

I started to notice quite quickly that you can't quite see the eyeshadow under the flash, this was quite disappointing as I was rather happy with the eyeshadow application and how it looked pre-flash. 

I really need to start using Dove's Summer Glow Gradual Tanner again. There is nothing wrong with beautiful pale skin, I should know.. it's generally what I have (even in summer) but I need a change and some warmth in my skin tone sounds great right now! 

My mamma is staying with us for a holiday, so I may use this time to get back into a routine with myself and organise some 'mummy makeover days.'

I've sort of slumped it a little since Winter emerged and made getting out of bed almost unbearable.

I will attempt to do a proper makeup tutorial using my newly acquired 'dupe' Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette later this week and goodies I received in my Violet Box.

Also I will start taking pictures of my adventure with Dove's Gradual Tanner for those who may be wanting a little 'tint' to their skin, or just some even coverage or just to see if I turn into 5' 7" Oompa Loompa. I'm a 1/4 Indian, and my mum has lovely darker skin then I, and as a result, she has never had to lay her hands on a 'Gradual Tanner' so I'm sure they'll be laughs when she sees me lathering up. 

I plan to trial it for 2 weeks. Should be interesting! 

Until Next Time,

Monday, June 24, 2013

How I Organise My A5 Filofax

My 2013 Family 'Control' Journal

I've been going back and forth with different ideas on how I wanted to better manage our home/ family, I've done the Family Binder and whilst it did work for the first few weeks... the system failed us (or I failed that system soon after.)

So with the latest addition of my A5 Filofax Finsbury, I have slowly been ironing out the kinks in our family routines and think I may have finally gotten onto a track that suits us.

The majority of items seen in this post can be read about here, in my stationery haul.

When I first open my Family Planner I am greeted with this cute picture of a french bulldog, we have a small Mini Fox Terrier x Shih Tzu so I thought this was even more adorable and fitting. It's not a permenant fixture and will probably makes it way to the fridge for all to 'awww' at.

In the card slots I keep an array of relevant sticky notes, flag tabs that I use to help simplify upcoming tasks. I try to keep the items minimal in the card section as I don't want to further 'bulk' that area.

I labelled my 'main tabs' and am quite happy with how they look now (prior I was using post it notes) My sections are:
Blogs (I have another blog which follows my adventures with sewing projects)

I have also temporarily labelled (using post it notes) the month changes in my planner. For now this is working and helps me jump to a month rather quickly, however I will most likely make my own page dividers and label these too.

I made using A4 sheet protectors, my own A5 Filofax document protector 'hacks.' These work beautifully in protecting those special documents that you refer to often or even just the ones you don't wish to get torn, wrote on etc. I keep my; morning, afternoon/after school and before bed time routines in these protectors.

A lot of these routine ideas came from if you're interested in starting or even improving your own house routine then I would suggest giving her website a look. 

Again, using another protector that I have 'hacked' to fit my A5 I place a to-do list for the week in. The coloured stickers are actually on the protector itself so that I can easily replace the to-do list but always prioritise what goes on the list.

The to do list pictured was me in over drive trying to get the house ready for my mum and nieces visit.

On the back on the to-do list (inside the sheet protector) is where I keep the coloured dot stickers for easy access.

I made up my own Grocery List Template in Microsoft Word, printed it out and hole punched it into the A5. I think it looks great and it makes meal planning a breeze. In this (meal) section, I also have a master grocery list, and inventory lists of the pantry, fridge and freezer. 

As we have now succesfully paid off the majority of our debt, I have simplified our budgeting system and it all now happily fits inside the 'budget' section of our Family Planner. I also made up this template shown below myself in Microsoft Word, printed it out then hole punched it in. Super simple.

I keep our rewards cards in here (apart from our supermarket reward cards, which stay in my wallet) and if we are going a large shopping centre I will generally take these cards, otherwise they stay safe in here.

In the Family Section everyone has their own 'area' which keeps track of medical information, personal and wish lists for everyone.  I have begun a 'Good Work Lily' chart/ system which rewards good behaviour, she can 'build' her stickers up to a prize (such as a new movie etc.) 

Lily loves this type of system and I'm really looking forward to seeing how we are getting along with it in a few weeks.

The majority of the items I am currently using, again as mentioned previously were purchased in my Stationery Haul (with my own money.) This is not a sponsored post, nor am I affiliated with anyone/ company mentioned in this post.

If you have an A5 and would love to share how you organise it, then please feel free to leave a link in the description bar below. I always love seeing how others stay organised. If I do find some quiet time this week I will aim to do a related video to this post, as I always find them fascinating too.

If you're not already, make sure you're a member of SkinnyBudget blog to have your chance at owning a Personal Domino (in personal size) Once I read 50 members I will be selecting someone at random :)

Until Next Time,

Friday, June 21, 2013

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

I recently purchased the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, except this palette is a little different to the $50 and upwards Urban Decay's that you generally see online. This is a knock off. At least, I think it is. 

I picked up this palette from for $18. 
The package was so carefully/ tightly wrapped that neither the mirror or shadows were even slightly displaced/ cracked. I was already impressed.

The swatch test I did on my hand actually came up really good, the colours are really pigmented and their staying power is quite impressive. 

The overall appearance of the palette is beautiful. 

The brush is soft, and so far there's been no hair loss on either the crease or shadow end of the double sided brush.

I wanted to trial this palette out for my wedding makeup in February but it seems almost impossible to buy these in Australia for under $65-70 (plus postage..) So stumbling across this 'knock off' palette was great as I can now have a play around with the colours without the big price tag attached. 

If you'd like to see more of these types of posts/ reviews and for your chance to win a Filofax Domino (in Personal size) make sure you're a member of SkinnyBudget blog :)

Until Next Time,

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stationery Haul/ Therapy

I picked up a few things this week at OfficeWorks, if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a few sneak peeks of these purchases, as I just couldn't help myself with some much needed (and a few.. extra) stationery buys. 

Firstly how cute is this sticky note holder? I use sticky notes a lot so I thought this was great, there was an apple and a football too. I just couldn't go past a black handbag though.

I was rather impressed by these clip-tabs, its a 36 pack (which after counting them myself noticed down the bottom of the package it says it... right there...) They even comes with a little dispenser. They seem quite durable, and although these are the only colours they had in store, apparently they come in different designs and colours.

I have been on the search for a fine line type pen pack, that came in the colours in which I have colour coded my organiser. They also had to be a good quality pen, yet still affordable and I think I have found exactly that :) Staedtler triplus fine liner (0.3mm)  The packet is even self standing (the lid folds back and holds the packet for easy access)... maybe I'm amused by little things, but that's pretty neat to me.

I grabbed some more Martha Stewart Avery Range stickers, as these are the stickers I use to colour code my planner. Since our closest OfficeWorks is 45 minutes away, I don't think it hurts to get a few extras. I also picked up some little extras for my 4 y/o daughter as we're starting reward systems.

I love these! The larger ones are sticky notes, and the small ones are flag tags/ stickers. They are a decent size, especially if you have an A5 organiser or use an A4 binder. 

These card-type A5 packets have 50 sheets in them each. I bought a pastel coloured pack which came with (pink, blue, green, yellow and white) and also just a plain white pack. I will be using these in my Filofax A5 Finsbury, and will do a post on exactly how I use them soon. 

Lastly, but by far one of my favourite purchases is my Brother P-touch 101 Electronic Labeller.. in pink! Unfortunately I assumed that it came with batteries, and wasn't aware that it need 6 AAA batteries :( It came with a 5m roll of labels though.. but that's not very good to me without batteries. 

 Here it is in my stationery draw, as cute as a button.

Well that's my Stationary Haul/ Therapy session for today!

If you'd be interested in seeing how I organise my Family Manager/ Control Journal with some of the stationery shown then just leave me a comment below :)

Until Next Time,


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