Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The 15 Emails Experiment

The Experiment

I recently emailed 15 companies, asking each if I would be able to try a sample of their products. All of which I have purchased from in the past, and all of which I have been using for a while (if not my entire life.) The thought behind this was pretty much it couldn't hurt to ask. This idea was inspired by The $39 Experiment.

Just like The $39 Experiment my aim wasn't to get free samples from companies, but more to the point of which companies would send free samples.

I emailed the following companies:

Burt's Bees
Estee Lauder

I really didn't expect to hear much back, and still haven't heard back from a few companies, however I have gone about sharing with you the feed back I have currently received.

Here's the Feedback (so far...)

Revlon- Unfortunately we don’t keep samples at our Head Office. Revlon usually only has samples at a time of a promotion. However Nail Enamel is a product we never have samples of.
Burt's Bees
Nestle- We have posted you a variety of samples of NESCAFE Dolce Gusto capsules  which we hope you will enjoy. Capsules (Dulce Gusto) are available in most supermarkets and we also have a variety of capsules available exclusively from our websites ** received these samples within 2 days of emailing.
Coca-Cola- **I can't locate the email response
Colgate- sent me out palmolive shampoo and conditioner samples :)
Violetbox- are sending me out products to review (keep an eye out for this post!)
Cadbury(Kraft's Food)- We appreciate your interest in our organisation, however, we regret that Kraft Foods does not supply free samples of Cadbury products or merchandise on request.
Estee Lauder
Mars- Thank you for contacting us in relation to sending you free samples of our product. As we receive many requests for samples, donations of product and sponsorship proposals, we donate generously to numerous schools and other charitable organisations around Australia. I am sorry to say we are unable to help you with your request at this time.
Nivea- Unfortunately, we are unable to support your request for NIVEA product samples as our sample items are produced in limited quantities for promotional purposes only.
UbyKotex- sent me free samples in the mail :)
BellaBox- am awaiting an email reply.

In case you're curious, I don't feel anything negative towards the companies who have so far replied with a no sorry type response, after all this was simply an experiment. To those companies who took the time to not only reply, but to also send samples, I am a grateful (and continuing) customer.

I conducted this 15 Emails Experiment, including only companies whose products I use quite often. By doing so I immediately limited my chances of getting a response/ samples, however I will reiterate once more that this was not about seeing what I could get, but from whom I would receive a sample.

There you have it. I will be sure to update this post, should I receive any more feedback.

Until Next Time,

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