Friday, May 3, 2013

How I Organise My Filofax

I purchased a Filofax Finsbury (in personal size) just over a week ago and have been maximising its usage ever since. I was lucky enough to find a Finsbury second hand (was only used for a few weeks) and was still in great condition and for $70 including postage!

A Finsbury has been on my wish list since discovering Filofax so I was excited to welcome one to my life/ household/ handbag. 

I'm a mummy to two kids under the age of 5 so having a good routine (or aiming for one) and staying organised is very important to both myself and the running of our household. It's a process though, I am constantly looking at ways I could simplify a system or better organise myself. 

I keep sticky notes, highlighted tabs and paper clips in the front slots of the Finsbury. In a clear envelope at the front, I keep my dot stickers that I use to colour co-ordinate events in my planner.

I made my own tab dividers which I blogged about here and made each one relevant to an area I would like to be more organised with:
I have 6 main tabs and 4 sub category tabs

House: Family, Goals, Budget and Blog
Cleaning/ Routine
Wish List (to buy, to have etc.)

I mark our pay dates with stickers and highlight Luke's work roster with yellow/ blue highlighter so I know at a quick glance how our week will be, this lets me organise things such as meals, family outings etc around everyones availability and of course, our income. 


Each member of the family has a colour assigned to them, this method definitely works for me as I can quickly glance at the week and see what is coming up and for who.

I check my Filofax in the morning (generally after both the kids are fed and dressed, and I have a coffee in my hand) and at night. By checking back with my Filofax twice daily (minimum) I really am able to stay organised and the Filofax is a functional part of my routine. Otherwise I'm certain it'd just be a very pretty organiser keeping dust on my desk or in my handbag.

I keep my morning/ afternoon routine simple so that it stays effective, it's the same everyday so I simply typed up on Microsoft Word a layout of what we do and sized it to fit the planner. Once you know the page size for your planner it doesn't take much time in making your own.

I don't label the personalised tab dividers, however for the sub categories of Home (which are quite permanent) I used the original Filofax tab dividers, covered them with a white label and marked them with a Bic Mark It Pen.

I don't keep anything in the back zipper section as yet. If I were to, it'd probably be an inventory list for the house or items I want to get the kids.

The pen I use doesn't actually fit in the provided pen holder (not many pens I like do..) so I simply place it the planner next to the holder for now, but that does seem to annoy the OCD side of me though. 

**I have recently starting using Avery Write-On Tabs to sub categorise sections such as my blog and sewing, just to make my to-accomplish list a lot more reachable. 

Blog: Blog Challenges, Blog Post Ideas, Blog Targets
Sewing: Current Projects, Materials Needed

 Do you use a Filofax to organise your life? I use a Filofax Domino to keep our Finances in order and so far it has been the most effective method by far, if you'd like to see my post of this just click here.

I am currently holding a giveaway of a brand new Filofax Domino (in personal size) once I reach 50 members on the blog, so make sure you're in the draw to win!

Until Next Time,


  1. You're so very organised! Thanks for sharing these tips.

    PS: I'm hosting a Suigo hair pack giveaway; hope you enter:

    1. Hi Trishie, I love your blog btw! You can count on me entering the Suigo hair pack giveaway for sure x

  2. That's so sweet of you to have a giveaway of a Filofax!!!! Count me in - how do I enter?

    1. Hi GothBarbie, once my blog reaches 50 members I will be doing a draw from those members. All you have to do is be a member of SkinnyBudget, once the blog reaches close to 50 members I will do a detailed post on the giveaway :)

      I hope you enter, and good luck!



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