Monday, May 27, 2013

Feel Fabulous being Frugal

I am a strong believer that living frugally doesn't have to mean the end of feeling fabulous! So here are some of my own tips for feeling fabulous whilst staying frugal. You might be paying off debt or saving up for an occasion, whatever it is, you should still be able to feel fab doing so!

Monday Mannies: 

I haven't been to a nail salon in well over 4 years to have my nails done. Why? Well to be quite honest the smell of nail salons gives me an instant headache, but apart from that it's generally been a problem with timing or money.

So once in a while when my nails are looking rather... haggard and bleh, I whip out my 'Mannie Station' from underneath my bathroom sink and give myself an at-home Manicure. I 'book' myself an 'appointment' in my planner, generally on a Monday (start of the week just seems to be a perfect time) and whilst Jett (my 6 month old) has a nap or plays with his toys, I go about 'fabbing' up my nails in no time at all!

*Tip: Invest in some quality nail polish but don't be afraid to experiment with different brands. I have found just because a polish comes with a higher price tag, this doesn't guarantee you a higher quality every time. So make sure you find a brand that works for your fingers and budget.

Sunday Spaday: 

Skincare ranks higher than makeup for me, so having quality products that are effective whilst being budget friendly has always been important. I keep my routine very simple, and my products much the same. I use Palmer's Coca Butter Formula, which I also used all through my second pregnancy and find it works wonders as an allover moisturiser/ toner.

An at home spa day is a great way to de-stress, especially at the end of a long week. It doesn't have to be costly and best of all, it can include whatever you love. Bubble bath, your favourite music, warm face washer (or a facial mask) complete with a pedicure at the end... 

I don't always get time every Sunday for a Spaday, but I aim to make sure at least once a fortnight that it happens. 

Fabulously Fit: 

Being fit doesn't happen over night.. or even after 3 nights or 4, but it does happen with perseverance and hard work. Deciding to get fit or healthier however doesn't have to come with a big price tag. Start working with what you already have:

- Whether you're all about Pilates, Yoga, weights etc There are instructional videos on YouTube that you can watch for free (please don't go being crazy though and hurting yourself.) I started off with SUPER SUPER simple videos and once I found something I loved (Pilates) I bought an $8 Pilates DVD from Kmart. I also use my Xbox Kinect Sports Adventure Games to help keep me on track (and sweating up a storm) 

- I looked in my pantry, fridge and freezer at all the foods available to me PRIOR to going to the grocery store. I wrote up meals based on what I had, turns out I had 5 days worth already! I have also started up a food journal on Instagram (TheFoodJournalist) to keep me motivated.

So those are just 3 tips on how to stay fab whilst being frugal. If you have anymore or would like me to share more, feel free to comment below :)

Until Next Time,

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