Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DIY Filofax Tab Dividers

These dividers can be used in any type of organiser, I am simply using a Filofax as my organiser at the moment so this is what is shown. A great attraction to the Filofax brand is that they're quite customisable, but really, if your organiser has binder rings that you can open and close... you can customise it.

Making your own Tab Dividers in 5 simple steps!

I picked up the gorgeous paper shown and paper ruler/ cutter from Kmart for $15 in total. However you could easily make your own tab dividers without spending a single cent using wrapping paper, thin cardboard, contact paper or even photos that you already have at home.

Materials Used:

Original Tab Divider or the measurements of a page in your organiser will do.
Card/ Paper for the tab dividers; get creative if you like; wrapping paper, contact paper or even photos.
Scissors; I used these to neaten around the tabs
Paper Clip: I used this to keep my stencil in place while I cut around it
Hole Punch

Step 1:

Line your stencil (original tab divider in my case) along the paper/ card stock you are opting to use. You can turn the new paper/ card stock over (so the pretty side is face down) to avoid pen marks on the paper, however I opted to just use the pretty side facing up.

Step 2:

 Once you have stencilled out your new tab divider it's time to do some cutting! I keep a paper clip at the top to let me know when/ if the paper moves whilst I am cutting. 

Step 3:

Once you have cut out your new tab dividers, take a moment to make sure they are aligning nicely and that you are happy with their overall look.

Step 4:

Lets get punching! Hole punching the paper that is. Line your stencil with your new tab divider, I use a pen (with the pretty part of the paper facing down) and draw circles to let me know where exactly I need to line up my hole punch. Next it's just a matter of punching out these holes to reveal... your new tab dividers *crowd cheers*

My desk got a little craft-crazy during this DIY
 Once you have finished cutting out all of your tabs and hole punching them, it's time to revamp your organiser YOU-style!

Step 5:

Insert your new tab dividers, sit back and coo over them. Who's a pretty tab divider... yes you are!
I don't label my tabs as they may change time to time, instead I aim to keep my layout simple and the tabs are all a different pattern which makes it SO much easier.

Have you customised your organiser tabs? Or are you happy with the original layout of your organiser?

I will be updating you all on how I organise my ... organiser very soon, so make sure you stay tuned!

Until Next Time,

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