Monday, April 15, 2013

Why I online grocery shop

I should be in bed. Really I should. It's 10:45 pm but I've just finished off my grocery shopping (online) and realized that the post I was going to upload instead of this one has been accidentally deleted, when I thought I was being super organized and deleting random drafts...I wasn't.

It got me thinking though about online grocery shopping/ budgeting/ being organized (or trying) and I started to wonder what everyone else does.. Jett is 5 months old now but still a lot fussier then what I am used to from Lily (who is 4 today!!) So grocery shopping with him isn't fun, sorry Jett, but you can stress mummy out at the grocery store very easily.

Luke has been telling me to just stick with online grocery shopping as it's much easier and only $9 delivery fee, which I save over that by doing our menu planning/ looking out for specials every week anyway. So I get it, online shopping for us, at the moment works, I just like to think that I like the socialization with our people but sometimes...when you've got a fussy baby and more recently bad pain from a wisdom tooth, all of a sudden you're just not so sociable.

There are pro's and con's to Online Grocery Shopping (IMO):

I get access to online exclusive specials. I save a few dollars occasionally with big brand items :)

I can often miss out on clearance items in store :(

It saves me the stress of having to go do it whilst dealing with a possibly fussy baby

It takes away some potential socialization time (however at the moment that may be a pro)

It's delivered right to my door step, and I receive with it a list of everything I have purchased

The delivery times are a 2 hour window so at times when I may need to head out for a minute I will fear that at the moment I leave...the truck will come.

There's probably a ton more, but for now I will leave you with them. Do you or have you ever done your weekly/ fortnightly or even monthly grocery shop online? Would you ever consider doing so if you haven't?

Happy Shopping!

Make sure you check back Wednesday for my Wedding on a Budget update annnnnd be sure to tune in Friday when I get tickled pink with a finance organizer cute enough for your handbag :)

Until Next Time,

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