Monday, April 8, 2013

The Finance Binder!

The How, What & Why on the Home Finance Binder.

I used to keep all documents related to our finances within our Home Management Binder (which you can view here.) However I noticed I wasn't able to keep on top of the money coming in or going out (sad face) because there was just too much going on in the one designated area, so after sourcing out another binder I already had, I went about making my own Finance Binder.

Keeping track of your finances whether you are single, married, younger or older, rich or on the tight squeeze of a budget is a very smart and necessary step in helping secure your future. It should be a definite thing that everyone has their finances in order but I for one didn't have our finances in check until 2 years ago (and several poor financial decisions later) so I am not at all preaching.

Our Finance Binder is separated into 5 sections:

Home Expenses:

All of these printables can be found at:

I have a Finance Calendar for the current month at the very beginning of this tab and on it I write down our pay dates along with any automatic debits to our account for that month.

I also have a Daily Expenses Log which I use at the end of each day. I write down any expenses that were deducted from our account for that day, making it easier to track those small deductions on our statement that can quickly add up to big figures.

Online Bill Pay Checklist I pay half of the bills we have online (the rest is deducted automatically) so I need to keep track of when a bill is due, and whether or not I have paid it.

Monthly Bill Checklist is a great tool to have in your binder as it shows you whether you have current an expense from last month into the current month (i.e your behind!)

Our Monthly Budget Planner is probably my most used template as I am always referring back to it.

Quartely Budget Planner I really love this particular template as in my particular circumstance we are almost through snowballing all our debt away so it's nice to see how positive the next 3 months will be. We have a lot going on this year with birthdays etc. so it's also handing budgeting ahead a few months too. No nasty surprises in the budget (well not that we can help!)

Debt Information:

I am very proud to report that this section is looking A LOT thinner then it was last year! Yay for smashing out debt! 

I only have one template in this area and that's our Debt Management Worksheet which helps me see how many repayments are left of what debt and when we will be all clear of those debts. Like the Home Expenses printables, this too is found at the same Etsy store.

After this I have brief information on each debt remaining such as;
Account Number
Loan Amount
Company Information- contact number, opening hours, email address etc.

Car Information:

We are a two vehicle family, although we did have only 1 vehicle for a short while and it was not suited to our circumstances. The two vehicles we have are both under finance, and yes I did cringe when I wrote that but it was a necessary thing for us. In the near future we hope to up our loan repayments to beat simply paying interest.

Account Number
Loan Amount
Company Information- contact number, opening hours, email address etc for both cars is kept in this section.

I have seperated via a plastic green sleeve the registration/ insurance information for each vehicle as this information is not nearly as often needed, yet still needed to be within the Car Information Tab. 

Lily's Preschool Invoices:

I keep all of the received invoices (sorted by date) in this area so I am able to refer back at any time and see what I have paid in the past/ when I may have paid a particular invoice.

Savings Area:

Savings for us is extremely important as we are a one income family at the moment with 2 small children to provide for. With a wedding to pay for that is only 11 months away and the usual household expenses to contend with, it sometimes seems impossible to put aside any money simply for our savings however I am determined to have some savings by the end of this year!

I have a Debt & Savings Tracker template that is encouraging me, as well as a Savings Goal Template both of which can be found...(yep you guessed it )

I keep our wedding budget/savings plan separate to this binder as I have all of our wedding documentation together in a plastic document protector. I keep it close by however as I am constantly referring to it.

I keep a plastic display folder in the back of my binder with all the spare printables I have for the finance section. This way I am always prepared.

DISCLAIMER: I purchased these templates with my own money from Mamasgotittogether's Etsy store, this is not a sponsored post and I am simply sharing with you the templates I use in my binder and at the moment they're having a 50% off sale on the templates which are also an instant download for all those super busy people out there!!

Feel free to Pin this for others to see, you can do so via the large pin down the bottom of the post :)

Do you have a Finance Binder? If so I'd love you to share it below.

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  1. I couldn't find the printables...

    1. Thanks for letting me know, not sure why that link is working, but here is the link to the Etsy store from where I purchased my printables

    2. Whoops, I meant why that link is *not working

  2. Awesome! Really wise to have all financial tactics laid out, and to really put it all in paper or in print, so you'll be able to map it out and see it. And that is a really snappy way at it, to keep all those in order in one fell swoop. Creative too. More power to these quirky initiatives.

    Henrietta @ MediQ



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