Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The $1 Filofax dupe

Armed with $5 cash in my wallet and a very heavy baby on my hip, I entered my local thrift store not really looking for anything in particular but hoping I might find that treasure you often hear about.

And I think I did.

Amongst some fabric and other books sat the organizer, it was a little dusty but you could tell straight away that it was a little gem amongst...the fabric, and the best part? It was $1.00. I had a look inside and found that it even still had unused pages for expenses, daily to-do lists etc all of which was in relatively good condition (some pages were faded a little.)

Filofax's are HUGE at the moment, and a large reason for this is (apart from pure internet hype sweeping us all) is that they're very cutomisable, now don't get me wrong I have a crush on them myself, but paying that much for one right this minute...I'm not so in love with. 

So I introduce to you my very own, customizable $1 Filofax dupe.



I took all the paper out then wiped down the whole organizer with a damp sponge and some Glen20  and wa-la I brought some life back into this organizer.


I wanted thicker/ stronger tab dividers, so I reused some muesli bar & cereal boxes, used the original dividers as an outline and then decorated the cardboard with some images I had.

Next I added some post it notes and sticky tabs in the card slots, I don't intend to put any cards or cash in here so this works great as a stationary home. I already had stationary, however I picked up the Japanese doll notepad for $1.99 from my local cheap store.

I also put a long notepad at the back for quick reminders such as picking up milk or remembering to get more contact lens solution.

All the paper/ card stock I used for this binder I already had in my house so apart from the $1 organizer and $1.99 note pad, I didn't spend another cent. I reused old page dividers, left over stickers and envelopes from our wedding invitations and some random cards. 

I used my 2 year planner as the calendar for the organizer by simply taking out the 2 staples in it, then cutting it down the middle and hole punching it. Wa-La!

Using a ruler I gathered the measurements for the paper inside the organizer (it's smaller then A5 but not close to A6) and using Microsoft Word made my own printables for:

2 Page Week View
Meal Planning
Morning/ Afternoon Routine
Cleaning Routine
Family Planner: doctors appts, school events etc.
Blog Planning

 Sure, this post was very picture heavy, but I had a bit to show off to you. 
It's not a Filofax, but it's very customizable and...it was a dollar.

It's my $1 Filofax Dupe

Until Next Time


  1. Wonderful! I dream of finding such a great bargain! xx

    1. I never thought I'd find such a bargain, but perseverance I think is the key when bargain shopping! Good luck x

  2. What a deal!$ and very cleverly - and thriftily - put together! Great job! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Marianna :) Amazing what you can find in thrift stores



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