Friday, April 12, 2013

Sewing Station Tour

I try to keep sewing related posts to Saturday (hence Sew Me Saturday) but I thought I'd sneak this tour in and hope you didn't mind ;)

I've recently purchased my very first sewing machine (applause) and I am excited to share with you all my current Sewing Station setup, I am a beginner Sewer so I wanted to start with a very basic layout and get a feel for what I need/ want from my sewing space.

I currently share my sewing area with Lily's Play room and whilst I do love the horses and dinosaur decor, I look forward to the day of having my very own craft room especially with sewing pins being a constant table companion.

I purchased both my pink chair and glass top desk from Fantastic Furniture for $100 (for both)
My Fiance Luke isn't the desk or chairs biggest fan and has shown me several other choices that I must say look a ton more comfortable and cost around the same...that will teach him for letting me go by myself to pick them out ;)

The plastic bag you can see above is my onsite rubbish bag for all the little snippets of fabric/ paper that don't make it to my fabric scrap collection.

Whilst purchasing my Sewing Machine I came across this sewing box and I La La La Loved it!! I am ashamed to say I didn't even look at the price until it came time to purchase it and luckily it cost $38 dollars and not $50. Even $38 for me is a lot for a sewer box but I have to say it is really great quality and I have no buyers remorse. My first sewing splurge!

My sewing machine pictured to the right is only placed there when not in use, when I am using it I have it right in front of me (as you might expect) where the fabric is shown. I discovered very quickly how much I don't love the size of my desk, but with a little on the spot re-organizing it works.

I washed and ironed all of my fabrics before colour coding them in 3 plastic baskets. A lot of people tend to discourage pre-washing fabrics, but to me it seemed necessary as I am mainly making children's toys at the moment and wanted everything fresh and fab for the little ones to enjoy.

All of my fabric was purchased during the Easter Monday sale on at Spotlight and I am grinning from ear to ear thinking of how much I have saved/ collected so far.

The Station is complete with my camera tripod being present upfront. I am in the midst of making a few how-to videos for YouTube currently and hopefully will have them all complete soon.

The box you can see in the corner, along with a pillow were part of the video I am currently recording and aren't housed there permanently however the sewing box is. There are definitely things I will change about my sewing station, but for now this is how it is and it works.

Feel free to share your own sewing station tour below in the comments via a link :) I'd love to see how others have chosen to set up shop (so to speak.)
Happy Sewing!

Until Next Time,

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