Friday, April 26, 2013

My Budget Planner: Filofax

My Budget Planner

Keeping on track with your finances can turn into a gruelling and frankly quite depressing chore when you don't have some sort of system to it. This is why I created our finance binder.

I needed more out of our old system (which you can read about here.)

Introducing the Filofax Domino (in personal size)

I keep my loyalty store cards that I have with various shops in the card section of the organiser for easy access at the checkout. Next I have a pull out calendar, we get paid twice monthly so I have those dates highlighted in yellow, and other income we may receive I highlight in blue as it may not be guaranteed. 

In the week to 2 pages section I make note of any bills we receive on their due date.

Now for the 6 tabs:

Tab 1: Cash/ Cheque Account Monitor

Any small (under $20) purchase whether it is paid with by our debit card or cash is written in this section, it just makes it easier to keep track of the minor costs that quickly add up.

I also store receipts for the week in a clear envelope that was provided with the Filofax.

Tab 2: The Monthly Budget/ Bill tracker

I made up using and Excel Spreadsheet a yearly overview of our entire income/ expenses. This allows me to reference any bill/ income and make sure I have budgeted accordingly. 

We get paid twice monthly so I break the month into 1st - 15th and 16th - 31st then I write out every bill that is due in those 2 periods and make sure our budget covers all those costs.

I also designed in Excel a Bill Payment Checklist, making it easy to see if we are up to date in the month.

Lastly for this section I have a Monthly budget template. This is all of the above information clearly laid out so I can look at the month, see our total expenses and income and know what we will have remaining. 

Tab 3: Wedding Savings Tracker

We are getting married in 10 months time and still have a bit of saving to do, so for me this is one of the most important tabs to keep updated. Whether I am paying $200 or $3, if it is to do with the wedding it will be recorded in this section.

It also helps me keep track of who we owe what to.

Tab 4: Debt Repayment Plan

We have just about smashed all of our debt right out of our lives *applause* but we still do have a tiny bit left, so to make it easier to see our progress I enabled the help of Microsoft Word and made my own printable for this section.

Tab 5: Notes

I urge you not to overlook a simple addition of a notes tab. Whether someone is giving me a quote for something or I need to jot down how much we owe on something... it goes into the notes area for quick reference when I have more time to write it in the proper area. That way I'm not hunting down a random scrap bit of paper later on.

Tab 6: Cash Envelope System

This is pretty self explanatory. I only keep two envelopes in here however and they are only what I do with my pocket money (read about that post here) for the month. Right now I am all about sewing. So I have one envelope for fabric supplies etc. and the other is misc at the moment.

I now use my Finance Binder (the A4 one) to store all my bills due/paid for the month. At the end of every month, I then file all the relevant bills away. But that's for another post ;)

**I'm not an affiliate of Filofax. I am simply a fan of theirs :) If you would like the chance to own your very own Filofax Domino, I will be holding a giveaway once SkinnyBudget blog reaches 50 subscribers/ followers :)

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  2. That is so smart! Do you also keep tabs on the money you get from a loan? I think it's a great idea for whenever you have a huge amount of money that you want to spend wisely. Tip: When budgeting, you have to be realistic with all your goals so you could keep track of your progress. @ Sunset Payday

  3. you know i have an awful bad habit of spending money with my husband like no ones business and quite honestly im tire if this, i really am organized when i have a little planner so im planning on getting my one Filofax or more like making my own lol anyways i just really want to keep tract of how we spend money because like you im getting marry augs 2014 and trust me we have nothing saved for the wedding aint that horrible Anyways by just looking at this how you organized your stuff is giving me a great idea ! thank you so much a filofax is needed in my life so i can remember more easily too.

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  5. That is a great idea. Getting your finances organized is important, in order to keep track of your incomes and expenses. It will surely make budgeting and monitoring the savings you could earn every month that much easier. Cheers!

    Rebecca Cross @ Advanced Accounts

  6. Oh I love how you orgnaize your money. I want to try it because I dont know where is my money gone. Thanks for idea



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