Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Learn to Sew!

I recently purchased/invested in a sewing machine and I have got to say, I wish I had of had the money to buy one when I was a lot younger.  I purchased a Brother GS2510 and non intentionally got it in pink (I'm not sure if it does come in other colours though as I didn't check) I worked out all it's functions within 20 minutes of staring lovingly at it, so it seems like a great beginner-sewers first machine.

I'm sharing my sewing room with Lily's toy room at the moment

I up cycle a lot of our old clothes and so far all my projects have been done by hand, and whilst it is very rewarding doing so, when it comes to the larger projects I'd like to tackle, hand sewing is too time consuming. I purchased the machine on Monday when all the Easter Sales were happening which worked out great for me and my budget as I had to purchase everything from scratch.

I want to make it clear that I am a beginner sewer and am starting with only very basic skills (thanks mostly to the instructional DVD my sewing machine came with) but even so I would still like to share what I learn with you all. So from this Saturday I will be starting a Learn to Sew series on both my blog and YouTube channel (yes, the channel which I never upload anything to...)

I think this will also be a great motivational tool for me to keep up with my sewing skills and learn new ones each week. So if you're up for the adventure of learning to sew then make sure you're following my blog (if you're not already)

How cute is my sewing box?
Also I wanted to quickly side note that I am just nearing 20,000 page views which I am so stoked with!! Thank you to each and every person who has ever taken the time to view and read my blog, I really appreciate it.
For the month of April I will be uploading:

The basics of a Sewing machine
The basics you will need
How to thread a bobbin
How to thread your needle
How to sew a zipper on

I want to start out at the very beginning and I promise I will make it my mission to keep the videos and blog posts simple and clear. Are you with me? 

I will post a photo later this week to my twitter of the before and after project of turning my $5 Kmart jeans that had lost all shape to new skinny jeans in just 20 minutes. If you're onto the Twitter wagon, you can follow me via here

Well I'm off to run errands and maybe do some sewing, hope you all had a great Easter

Until Next Time,

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