Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Home Office Desk Tour

The previous layout of my rather small home office desk wasn't working out very well, I was over run by paper work that I just never got to and continued to pile into my 'to-sort' folder. It never stood a chance of being filed. I don't work well with clutter or unorganized spaces (ask my family) so it's fairly important for me to have a clean and organized space to work from (when I get the chance.)

You've probably seen room tours or even house tours on blogs, but I give...
My Home Office Desk Tour.

The Set Up

Simple and functional. I will keep the changes I've made brief as I know it may not seem the most exciting thing but I've picked up a few helpful tips as to what can happen when you try to be too organized with paper, especially when you have a small office desk.

The top left area holds 4 Manila folders: Family Planner, Budgeting, Basic To File, and Wedding. I found by having only 1 tray for my to-sort pile I made it too easy for myself to just dump and let pile up paperwork to the point where I never really had the time to sort it all properly and put it away. Hence the mounds of documents and general crapola things that covered my desk.


 I keep my pens in one plastic holder and my markers, scissors etc in a holder behind that as I am always reaching for a pen and not nearly as often require a marker, everything is easily reachable but still tidy. This is an example of why making what you use easily accessible will help keep your office space functional and neat as it avoids you, as my mum would say turning the place upside down.

I also have my calculator next to the pens as when I am doing our budget, I am forever needing the calculator why don't you like numbers brain?! Of course my white out (correctional fluid) also is housed next to my pens, as I to make mistakes (shocking I know.)

I keep my Family Planner, Finance Binder and Wedding Planner magazines in the pull out tray of my desk. I use all 3 of these things regularly so the fact that they are neatly organized but still very accessible is a great plus.

I am getting married in under 11 months and have opted to DIY our wedding stationary/guest book so with that decision comes a lot of (you guessed it) ....stationary! I always make sure everything wedding related is together and well taken care of, the box I use was given to me as a gift and it came with the wedding planner and notebook that I use so I love that it's all matchy matchy without being too...denim on denim.

The sad looking little box I keep on my desk behind my keyboard houses my collection of sticky tapes, hole punch, stapler and staples that I don't often use these yet still need close by, especially now that I am just about finished our wedding invites and have just started on our guest book (phew!)

My desk companion Raj from BBT is always present on my desk and has gained a new fan in my daughter Lily as she has realized/ discovered he is a Bobble Head toy. Poor Raj.

My black & white office desk organizer 'helpers' cost me $6 for all 5 pieces at my local Coles Supermarket. I had been drooling over them for 2 weeks but they were $12, then I randomly saw them on sale for half price...into the basket they went! I jazzed them up a little with some left over stickers I had from my stationary pile (thank you wedding invites!)

In the top drawer I keep post it notes, my measuring tape and different coloured stickers. In the bottom drawer is all my spare supplies such as white out and sticky notes. Ah, love me some fresh stationary seriously, I may have a problem.

So that's where all the magic of organization in my house happens. Impressed? Not Impressed? Feel free to let me know in the comments below :)

If you're not already make sure you follow my blog for more exciting tours such as my Sewing Station (man your cotton and needles!) which will be up on Friday.

Happy Organizing guys and gals!

Until Next Time,

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