Thursday, April 25, 2013

Budget Savvy Bride: The Dress

May I cast your attention back to my first attempt at buying a wedding dress (you can read my post on that here) when I made the ... unfortunate decision to purchase my dress online, hey it works for some people, it just didn't work out for me... and sadly our budget got a smack for no reason. Sorry budget.

I have taken the experience from dress 1 though (I even cringe writing dress 1) and I intend to move forward, learning from my errors. 

I have since booked an appointment with an actual boutique, I made a call and discussed my budget, body shape and preferences in a dress and now I am excited for what Friday's appointment brings (I'll keep you posted of course.)

I never knew the 'technical' term but apparently I love modern-vintage dresses, and they seem to love high price tags *shakes fist* so I am hoping that on Friday I can try on a dress, it then becomes the dress and I will celebrate with a coffee (not in the dress of course.)

As for that previous dress (let's call her .... Lacey) I will be putting Lacey up for sale and seeing how she goes, she's a great dress, but not a great fit on me. 

Lesson very much learnt; no trying to cut corners! Or they'll end up cutting into your budget

Until Next Time,

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