Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wedding Planning On a Budget

I won't bore with a lot of details on my MIA recently, it's not very exciting; my household is sick so while we're recovering I have been laying low. Whilst on recovery mode I've also been doing some wedding preparations. 12 months and counting!

Here are my tips that I have learned along the way for planning a wedding on a budget:

Be realistic when making your wedding budget: Our wedding budget started at $10,000 (we are waiting on guest numbers) which was a figure that (I predict) we could save in the amount of time we have, whilst still maintaining our everyday expenses and not having the need for loans. Once you have a budget then comes the prioritizing, are a large amount of floral arrangements important to you, or would you rather spend extra money on a photographer? Find out what's truly you and your style then work with your budget to achieve that.

For Luke and I having a band playing at our wedding isn't a huge priority so either way we aren't fussed. We are more then likely going to be using speakers and songs compiled on an Iphone/Stereo instead of a band which will allocate more funds for other areas of our wedding that we are fussed on. 

Booking the Ceremony & Reception at the same venue: This decision came easy to us especially as parents ourselves, we will be having around 11 children attend our wedding so we want the parents to feel comfortable and limit any traveling where we can. Also having both the ceremony & reception at the same venue eliminates any additional transportation costs we might endure, freeing up more funds.

DIY but don't get lazy: At current I have made our wedding stationary (save the dates, invitations, rsvp's) myself and have just recently decided to DIY mine and my bridesmaids bouquets using fabric flowers (tutorial will be up Friday) I allocate some time during the day to researching DIY wedding ideas and write down things I think I could realistically achieve.

If you're going to DIY something make sure it's worth your time and effort doing so, if at any point you're not enjoying yourself or you know you aren't giving it 100% walk away for a bit, and/ or maybe ask someone to give you some help.

These are two fabric flowers I made with old t-shirts and dresses, they're my practice ones but I am happy with the turn out of them both :)

Keep all documentation together: One good thing (the only good thing!) about me having the flu lately is I have had to do all of my communication with photorgaphers, celebrants, venues etc via email as I had lost my voice. Due to this though, I now have complete documetation of what has been discussed, quotes that have been provided and any deposits/information shared all in a folder in my mail called Wedding Prep. I have also made it a habit of mine to print (or write) out any documentation I need to and place it in a display folder for easy access,

Don't lose track or sight of your budget: Budget doesn't mean misery, it means being able to plan the perfect day without losing control over costs. I have my wedding budget in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet on my desktop, every single time I turn my computer on I check the budget and make then save any changes needed. I have set it up so that I can see how much $$ of the budget we have used and how much we have left, I have also included notes such as deposits we have made/ payments needing to be made and when.

Inspiration boards: A great way to stick to your budget while still enjoying the wedding planning process is to have inspiration boards, whether you are sticking to a theme such as vintage or nautical or you're just sticking to Tradition, it's great to have inspiration infront of you that allows you to keep on track (and style) of your big day.

You don't need a fancy cork board above your desk, I simply have a 'Inspo Board' made up in Microsoft Paint with various wedding images from Google that help me get an idea of how my wedding could look.

Please feel free to Pin this to Pinterest so other brides to be/ or just anyone curious can see it :)

Don't forget to check back in if you don't already follow my blog, as Friday I will be sharing my DIY Fabric Flower Tutorial ;) Happy Wedding Planning!

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  1. It is very difficult to plan the wedding within the budget. This information shared in this post was useful for planning the wedding within the budget. Also the free wedding planner iPhone apps will be useful for the engaged people and they should make use of it.

    1. Hi Kennady, it's definitely challenging having a budget to adhere to with weddings, but for me I like the challenge. I have a few wedding planner apps I use on my phone and I will definitely be referring to the ones I have found to be useful in my next update because there's so many out there

      Thanks for commenting



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