Friday, March 22, 2013

Wedding Planning on a Budget pt3

From one bride to be to another, here's what I have learnt so far

This is where there would normally be a 'sorry I'm wearing no makeup' but I am not sorry. Not even a tiny bit.


Our celebrant was a recommendation from the venue owners of our ceremony & reception. After emailing back and forth only a few times, I knew that Brett (one part of the team) would be a perfect addition to our wedding as our celebrant. Brett brings a 'fresh' dynamic to the celebrant industry and though we have only spoken via email at this point, we will be meeting later this year and I hold no reservations on whether or not we will get along.

In regards to our budget, Brett was over our estimated amount by $100, however since we have saved over that amount by DIY stationary it evened out and I am more then happy with our choice.

My tip for choosing your celebrant is; to make sure you are comfortable with them, if in any way you just don't feel like you get 'mesh' well then continue to look until you do. Seeing what other couples experiences with them were doesn't hurt either. Celebrants can charge what they like for their services, so make sure you know and get in writing what is inclusive in their price.


Lisa, our photographer was another recommendation but this time by a photographer who wasn't available for my wedding date, nor did my budget fit their price range unfortunately. Lisa is 'newer' to the field but her portfolio is amazing and suits my style perfectly. I wasn't sure that I had a preference in regards to the style of wedding photography however after seeing Lisa's portfolio, I had a little oooohhhh moment and realised this was it!

Like our celebrant, we are meeting with Lisa later this year and again, I have no nerves about whether we will 'mesh'. Lisa was $400 cheaper then my estimated budget amount! That's certainly something to smile about.

My tip for choosing your photographer is; don't be shut off to the idea of giving someone 'newer' to the business a chance. Everyone starts somewhere and if you open your mind to the idea, you may be pleasantly amazed at how talented a lot of the 'newer' photographers are. Also don't be afraid to ask to see portfolios, generally photographers will have an online website, but this isn't always the case so make sure you ask. If you have a certain style you have in mind, be sure to speak up and make sure your photographer is on the same page.

Make sure you have in writing what is included with the photographers pricing, and be aware of what would happen if you need to cancel or change the date (some photographers may not refund unless they get sufficient notice, and even then there is no guarantee of getting all your money back.)

The Dress:

I purchased my dress online *queue gasps* and I have only just received it so I will update you more on how I feel/ look with it later on. I must say though it isn't as daunting as a lot of people may think, I had great communication with the manufacturer of the dress so I didn't feel left in the dark about anything. Before deciding to buy a dress online that I had never seen or touched, I decided I would do again a LOT of research and see what other brides had to say...I looked for all the nitty gritty reviews and wasn't disappointing.

The majority of brides LOVED their dress but there was a few that had to have their dress altered and ultimately thought differently of the dress once it was on them, all in all though I didn't come across anything so negative that I thought oh that's horrible, I'm going to a store! I think once I get some time to stare at myself in a wedding dress I will let you know my absolute honest thoughts :)

My tip for choosing your dress is;flatter YOUR shape not a current trend. You will know your best features and it's imperative that you feel beautiful in that dress. You're going to be in it for a while on your big day so make sure it's not cutting into you or smothering you with all its layers.

Should you be ordering online, make sure you know your measurements, if you're buying in store don't be afraid to ask for a better price but remember to be tactful about it.

The Decorations:

Our ceremony comes with two Lily arrangements, black chairs and a red carpet as standard and whilst I want to keep the ceremony decorations minimal and very simple I knew I would involve some of my DIY into the mix. I don't want to give too much away at this point, but I have done a whole lot of browsing on Pinterest and Google Images and come up with what I think is both minimal, simple and beautiful.

I am opting away from real flowers at our wedding, as I have noted before I am not overly a 'floral' person so I loved the idea of having something simple to compliment what decorations will already be there without having a whole lot of floral going on.

My tip for choosing your decorations;  If you are going down the DIY path use avenues like Pinterest and Google (there's more but honestly I am mind blanking) to draw inspiration from. Save the images you find helpful in a folder titled: Ceremony Decorations, and save image away!!

There you have it, my experience and tips for now :) I will be discussing how to map out your wedding budget next week so make sure you check back in, if you're not already a follower of the blog.

Until Next Time,

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