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Wedding Planning on a Budget pt2

Hi! I'm back for a second dose of updates on my own wedding planning progress, as well as some tips I have picked up along the way for wedding planning on a budget. If you missed part 1 of this 'series' then just click here. This post is a little on the lengthy side, but as I go along with my wedding progress, I want to share with you all the knowledge and advice I can :)

At this point of my planning I have organized the following:

Ceremony & Reception: Booked (same location)
Photographer: Booked
Celebrant: Booked
Bride & Groom Party organized: now to ask them..
Caterer: Booked (part of the reception package)
Invitations: made
Save the dates: made & sent

All bought from Kmart for under $30 (some of it isn't included in the photo)

Now for the 'tips' part of it all. Firstly I want to share with you all that by the time I get married next year I will have been engaged for 2.5 years, however it was only a few months ago that I got serious about starting to plan our wedding. I felt so uncomfortable initially thinking about getting started, I had no idea where to begin and since we had a budget (and a tight one at that!) I wasn't sure how people went about paying for things.

-can you layby a photographer, celebrant, a venue? Is that an option?
-how much time before the wedding should I start booking things?
-why is everything with the word 'wedding' attached to it, so damn expensive??!
-do people DIY a lot of things in weddings?
-why am I up so late talking to myself...

My Beautiful Wedding Ring Set!
The only thing I knew that I wanted from my wedding/budget was the type of ring I was going to wear. Square cut. That's all *laughs at self* I didn't ever think about how much a 'square cut' ring would cost, let alone how big or small it would be. This was the only aspect of my wedding that I knew I didn't want to compromise on, and I am an extremely luck lady and have a husband to be who picked beautifully (with a little guidance..) Plus, we got an amazing deal on it and stayed within budget!! Woo!

Everyone and every budget is different and knowing what is important to you and your groom is the the first place to start.Whether you're going down the path of getting a wedding coordinator or doing it all by yourself (with some help from family and friends doesn't always hurt) you should:

Understand what exactly it is you are getting for the money that you are handing away.

This is where I want to reiterate a tip from pt1, keep all documentation together. Whether you buy your wedding dress online; print out a receipt or whether you're simply talking back and forth via email with your venue about a quote, keep it all together, so if that quote happens to suddenly change for no reason, you have documentation on your side.

Don't be afraid to have a list (even a long one) of questions to ask someone who is potentially going to be involved in your wedding

If you're lucky enough to have someone helping you (Maid of honor or your mum perhaps) ask them to assist you in making a list of questions for each party involved with your wedding. I was given my my mother-in-law (to be) a wedding planner book which came with great information and tips on what to ask each area of the wedding before signing any contracts etc.

I asked my photographer, celebrant and venue persons questions if I wasn't sure about anything, and honestly by doing this I feel much more comfortable with everyone that is involved with our special day and they are just as relaxed because we each party knows what's going on. I am lucky enough to have all our conversations via email however if you speak with them via the phone, simply make a note of the call and what was discussed so you can keep track :)

Make a list of all materials you need to purchase

I keep a list of everything I have bought/ need to buy in my designated (A4) notebook. Since I have a budget and am doing a lot of DIY throughout the wedding, it's important for me to keep track of it all. It's super easy to go to the shops, see some pretty stationary on sale and think I could use that for my wedding! You proceed to buy it, don't use and boom! there's $$ out of your wedding budget wasted.

I have broken down the DIY's that I am doing and list all materials needed for each of them. For example:

DIY Fabric Floral Bouquet
-corsage pins (100)
-white silk fabric (4 rolls)
-peach fabric (3 rolls)
-soft pink fabric (2 rolls)
-foam balls (5-4 small, 1 large)
-handles (5)

Now I have never made a fabric floral bouquet so when it came to budgeting for one, I went online, sourced out all the materials, got an 'average' cost amount for each material needed and then averaged I would spend $35-40 per bouquet which isn't bad considering you can spend A LOT more on real flowers that won't nearly last as long.
A great and affordable craft supply website is

That's my tips for now (again, I'm still plodding along with my wedding plans) stay tuned for more skinny budget tips, tricks and advice on Friday.

I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to my childhood sister-from-another-mister Jess and her partner in crime Chris on their engagement yesterday!!! You are both two great people and I love you and can't wait to help in any way I can with wedding plans of your own xoxox

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