Monday, March 25, 2013

Managing Money

I did a post a little while back on the Cash Envelope System and wanted to revisit this topic and discuss whether it is working/ changes that I would like to make. Feel free to read my original post on the Envelope System here.
As I am in the midst of wedding planning, our budget more then ever needs to be adhered to if we are going to afford a wedding and a few family trips this year, so last night I decided to give myself a challenge (because having the flu and two small children isn't challenging enough.) I would make a new cash envelope system and this time stick to it for at least 31 days. I wrote down why my previous attempts at it didn't work and here's what I came up with:

- I didn't like the idea of carrying around so much cash in one location
- I would out of habit, reach for my debit card and pay for fuel, food, clothes etc instead of using cash
- I always forgot to withdraw cash and put it in the envelopes
- The tabs could use more relevancy to what I need the cash for

Going through each of the points on why it didn't work out on my first attempt, I decided to correct each point, make a new envelope system and give it another try. We pay the brunt of our bills online, but things such as: clothing, fuel, food, take out, and auto I would like to start paying careful attention to as they are easily under-budgeted.


I used a floral dress that I had bought for $5 from Kmart last year that didn't fit me and I was never too keen to wear, as well as a clutch/wallet that I have had for a few years and never use. I don't have a sewing machine so this entire project was done by hand and all in all took 3 hours (broken up around chores and children.)


Each pay I am going to take the budgeted amount out for each category and once that money is gone, that's it for that category. Although I am still figuring out how much we will need for fuel at this point. 

I have 5 cash envelopes built into the wallet along with 4 card holder spaces.

I haven't permanently labelled the envelopes at this point but I am going to simply put sticker labels on them so I may chop and change categories should I want/ need to. In regards to having lots of cash all in the one place, I won't be carrying it around with all the money in it. This is simply a 'holding device' for me to check and see how much money in each category I have left until our next pay.

Which do you prefer?

The Denim Pocket Edition

or the Black & Floral approach with a snap clip.

How do manage your money? Debit Card? Credit Card? Or do you use a system similar to the Cash envelope?

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