Friday, March 29, 2013

How to keep Pinterest simple

It's all too easy once you discover the brilliance of Pinterest to start Pinning everything 'clever' you see, tell yourself you will tackle that DIY or organize your house THAT way...but never go back to that pin.

Half the problem is over pinning or making so many boards, you never look at half of them because they all start to merge into one. Make Pinterest work for YOU, don't overwhelm yourself with it. Here are my tips to a healthy relationship with Pinterest:

Step 1: Keep the name of the boards you create simple
Don't go overboard when naming things on pinterest, if you like something and realistically think you could or would give it a go then pin it. For example, you have seen how to use old cereal boxes as drawer organizers and don't yet have any Pinterest Boards made.

- create a new board and name it something relevant such as; Home Organization
- in the description part of the board write in something such as; reusing cereal boxes for drawer organization.

Don't over word or complicate it. You'll end up losing interest otherwise and won't tackle much at all with the mentalitly that there's too much to do and very little time.
Step 2: Make time to freshen your boards
Once a day (generally after both my children are in bed) I will sit down for about 20 minutes and finalize emails, organize photos on my computer AND refresh my boards on Pinterest. I go through and make sure everything that I have Pinned is useful and relevant to us/ me. I have gone through many pins on my boards and found they weren't as helpful as I first thought whilst quickly scrolling by.

I have very recently starting pinning posts directly onto Pinterest in an attempt to make it easier for more people to access the information. I try to make sure each time that the posts that I'm pinning (sounds confusing..but isn't) are relevant to the boards they are going on.

You don't need to do this once a day obviously, just designate some time to go through on a regular basis and make sure you are not inundating yourself with too much.

Step 3: Attempt at least 3 things on your Pinterest a month.
They don't have to be large tasks, it could be something simple like wrapping a mason jar with burlap and lace, pouring in some sand, placing a candle in the middle and wa-la; fancy table centerpiece. I write in the monthly view section of my day planner 3 things I want to try and do from my Pinterest Boards, this makes all those I really wish I could do that moments disappear because at least I am attempting some of my never ending I wish I thought of that projects.

I am getting married in February 2014 and in more ways then one Pinterest has saved me time, money and the feeling of being overwhelmed by helping me find alternative ways to achieve the same picture I have in my head (It should be clear I don't get paid by Pinterest, I am simply in love with it)

That's my three top tips for how to avoid feeling overwhelmed on Pinterest. Feel free to 'follow' me on Pinterest, or if you're not already you can follow me via the blog (the link should be on the left hand side I believe)

That's it from me folks, I'm off to a full day of Easter preparation with my little love Lily (some great ideas on Pinterest for kids Easter craft)

Until Next Time,

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