Friday, March 15, 2013

DIY Fabric Flowers

This type of Fabric Flower is SUPER easy to make, and you've probably got all the materials you need for it already making them FREE as well!

I was inspired to make these while planning my wedding and seeing just how expensive real flowers can be, since I am not a huge floral lover (more a mason jar and candle type) I wanted to have something on the day that could last well after the guests had gone home yet not cost nearly as much as real flowers.

You can use these for many, many different things a few ideas are:

Buttonholes for weddings
Bouquets for weddings/ceremonies
Hair accessories
Hat Embellishments
Jazz up a simple tank top with a few of these as embellishments
Embellish your shoes with them 

So here's what you will need (very basic flower) and how you go about making one:

Materials Needed:
Any silkly fabric. I used a dress and top that I were in my 'giveaway' box of clothes.
Candle (Please, please, please be careful)
Measuring Tape (if you want to have a gradual downsizing of circles)
Cotton: you can use a hot glue gun or fabric glue (I didn't have these on hand)
Sewing Needle
Embellishment: a button, brooch or rolled up fabric for the center

Cut your fabric into a circle of any size (obviously the bigger the circle the bigger the 'petals')
I roughly cut my circles out but I would advise to do a much neater/ slower job with it then I did

 Depending on how you want your petals to look, you can cut small strips into the circle. I personally didn't like how it looked after heating the edges so I opted not to make any cuts in the rest of the circles.

I really can't stress to you enough to be careful when heating the edges of your material. Most of these type tutorials come with a 'please don't burn your house down' type warning and I can see why, don't put your fabric too close to the flame, you simply want the fabric to curl from the heat of the flame, not stick the fabric in the flame and set it on fire.

I heated the edges of the fabric next to the kitchen sink so I had quick access to water if needed. Using different coloured/ textured fabrics will give your flowers much more dimension/ character.

After you've curled your fabric edging it's time to start layering and make your flower come to life (so to speak.) For the middle of my flower, I tightly rolled some black lace from an old t-shirt and placed it in the center of my top layer.

Then, using black thread and a sewing needle, I sewed the lace to the silk making an effort to conceal the cotton. 

This was the very first fabric flower that I have ever created so I wanted it to be a very simple one to keep me positive about making more haha! I have since started experimenting with different fabrics, ones that don't entail me near an open flame and I have come up with the below creation so far.

 This flower was made with a tank top that didn't fit me and a button that had fallen off something and made its way into my button collection. I tied a knot in one end of the material strip, then proceeded to twist/wrap the remaining material around that knot. 

Then using a needle and thread, I sewed the twists and button in place. It took all of 2 minutes.

Have you got your own way of making these? I'd love to know

Until Next Time

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